Michael Giacchino’s LOST Music Set to TOY STORY 3

     November 11, 2010


If anyone’s been feeling a bit inhuman lately and needs to show a little emotion, I dare you to watch this clip and say you felt nothing. Back in June we all got pretty teary over Toy Story 3, most notably the incinerator scene, and now thanks to YouTube we can experience it again. This time however, the clip features some of Michael Giacchino’s finest work from the score of Lost, and it’s impossible to not be blown away by it.

I’ll reserve my words for after the clip, so grab some Kleenex, hit the jump, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A lot of people were ashamed to admit when Toy Story 3 was released that it was sad. I’ll just be upfront and honestly say that I have never been as emotional during any movie than I was with this; all three times I saw it. Lee Unkrich’s spectacular directing made this what I believe will go down as one of the finest scenes in cinema history. Now, add Lost’s incredible ‘death’ score to it and there’s a whole new level of emotion. Watching this, I can’t help but think of all the characters that died on Lost and how, sadly, despite how most of us fans loved to hate it, it still was a great show that isn’t coming back. To the characters of Lost and Toy Story 3, you will be missed.

via @DamonLindelof

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  • http://www.hiddenchaos.com Matt_Bacon

    Holy crap, that IS sad. WOAH!

  • http://www.hiddenchaos.com Matt_Bacon

    Holy crap, that IS sad. WOAH!

  • Lingaga21
  • http://twitter.com/MaxJaybo Jason DeMars

    Someone just HAD to set one of the saddest parts of the movie to the one theme from Lost that chokes me up every time. Instant tears.

  • spidey131

    weze good

  • http://yotalm21.wordpress.com/ Adagio

    I hate you, you made me cry!!

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  • kevin ogorman

    no u are hahaha i though it was f in class dude!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/cablebfg Bill Graham

    Redonkulous. Seriously? This moment in the film nearly tore me to pieces, but I held out hope. “NO, this can’t end like this!” I was screaming that inside my head. Now with the final score from LOST? Yikes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OCXIJR3XUQKLWI77NLHKVLR4ZA Edward

      that’s exactly what i was thinking when i first saw this in theaters

    • DylanD

      i thought they were all gonna die too. plus does anyone else think Woody looks like Matthew Fox. I mean its funny with Woody/Jack the last one to let go, its just like LOST

  • Spencerwright11

    That is criminal it is so sad!!!! It’s sad enough without the LOST music!!!!

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