Michael Moore Hires Ushers To Collect Money for CEOs For Upcoming Film

     June 15, 2009

michael_moore.jpgOh, that Michael Moore.  Such a showman.  While I’ve made my thoughts about the teaser for his upcoming untitled film known, Overture has just released some video from this weekend where ushers actually came through the aisles and collected donations for CEOs (where that money actually went, I’m rather curious).  I was watching MSNBC (because I’m a filthy liberal, that’s why) earlier today and their showbiz reporter was actually at one of these screenings and she said that some folks reflexively put money in the jar.  And while these CEOs and their companies have already received billions of dollars, you can’t put a price on populism.

Check out the video after the jump.  Moore’s new film hits theatres on October 2nd.


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