Michelle Rodriguez to Star in MACHETE KILLS and Return for FAST AND THE FURIOUS 6

     May 1, 2012


Movies keep trying to kill Michelle Rodriguez, but luckily she keeps finding a way to come back.  Rodriguez is set to return in two sequels: one, a true sequel in Machete Kills and one, the sixth installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise.  As for director Robert Rodriguez’s sequel, Michelle Rodriguez will reprise her role as Luz, the leader of an illegal immigrant aid movement known as the Network.  She’ll be starring alongside Mel Gibson who recently joined the cast.

The Fast and the Furious 6, which will feature the directorial return of Justin Lin (Fast Five) and, perhaps more importantly, the return of Rodriguez’s character, Letty, something that was teased at the end of the previous film.  Shooting next month, The Fast and the Furious 6 also stars Dwayne Johnson, Gina Carano, Jordana Brewster and, of course, Vin Diesel. Hit the jump for more, including details on Gibson’s role in Machete Kills.

Variety reportsmichelle-rodriguez-resident-evil-image that Rodriguez will return to both franchises.  The Fast and the Furious 6 is set to start production in Europe this June.  Machete Kills is set to shoot in Texas this month and Jessica Alba is also expected to return for the 20th Century Fox production.  Starring Danny Trejo as the titular ex-Federale, Machete Kills centers on Machete’s recruitment by the U.S. Government to track the terrorist and cartel leader Mendez the Madman.  Gibson co-stars as “Luther Voz, a cunning arms dealer and death merchant who aims to spread war across the planet by launching a missile.”  Rodriguez can next be seen in another resurrected role in Resident Evil: Retribution as well as voicing a character in Turbo.

  • Justin

    Somebody really needs to cast Michelle Rodriguez as a tough tomboy type who constantly walks around screw-faced and pissy. Wake up execs!

  • Reijanrobo

    Well, at this rate we will see you in Avatar 2 as well, Michelle :) look forward to it

  • Nick

    Didn’t she die in one of those fast car movies?

  • Ryan

    Who wants to see Michelle Rodriguez star in anything?

  • Eric

    Did I miss something at the end of FF?! When did they hint that Letty was coming back?

  • Jake

    I can see her character already, one that she’s played so many times. Some actors need to expand their acting horizon, and break free from typecasting, seriously.

  • RIC

    Didn’t she die at the beginning of the 4th one? Isn’t that the whole reason that one happened?

  • Mello Mastikan

    Eric/Ric, There was a scene after the credits in Fast 5. They showed her in a picture still alive.

  • Stephens

    What about Eva Mendes? She was at the end of Fast Five when they teased Letty still being alive, but I haven’t heard anything about them casting her.

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