Mickey Rourke Goes To Jail In Russia

     March 17, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

I don’t know how much Marvel ended up paying Mickey Rourke to get him on board for “Iron man 2” but it clearly wasn’t enough. This is a man who is willing to take a razor blade to his face for his art… and also possibly because he just got used to mangling his face, but I digress. My point is that Rourke is a pretty devoted thespian – as these pictures of him doing “research” in a Russian prison will attest.

As you probably know by now, Mickey Rourke is playing the Russian bad-guy in “Iron Man 2”. I think they’re still calling his character “Whiplash” though the whole Russian thing would seem to fit better with Crimson Dynamo. Let’s just split the difference and say he’s playing Whipped Dynamo.

Whipped Dynamo has apparently spent some time in iron behind the Iron Curtain. So when Rourke had a chance to visit the former Soviet Union for the release of “The Wrestler” he made a special fact-finding trip to Moscow’s infamous Butyrka Prison.

By placing himself inside a Stalinist-era Russian prison Rourke hoped to get a feel for the forces that shaped his characters life – but unless his character came to prison in a crazy hat, ate one meal, played some ping-pong and then went to stay in a five star hotel, I’m not sure where the learning part kicks in. But hey! Love the pics!!

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