Joel Edgerton and Kirsten Dunst on ‘Midnight Special’ and Leaving Something to the Imagination

     March 16, 2016


It’s rare to see a film and not be able to anticipate every plot turn that lies ahead. That’s why the unpredictable Midnight Special is such a welcomed viewing experience.

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols (Mud), the film is filled with twist and turns that make for a suspenseful and distinct experience. Much of the story and the character’s motives are ambiguous, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions and infer what they want to.

The sci-fi drama follows Roy (Michael Shannon) – a man on the run with his son Alton (Jaeden Lieberher) who possesses special powers. With a religious group and the government after them, Roy is aided by his friend (Joel Edgerton) and Alton’s mother (Kirsten Dunst), who help keep the boy safe and hidden.

The inventive film features moving and understated turns from Shannon and a strong supporting cast. Edgerton garners sympathy in an enigmatic role while Dunst plays against type as a once submissive woman who is now quietly definant.

In my video interview with Edgerton and Dunst, the two spoke about how refreshing it was to be a part of a film that doesn’t over-explain every plot detail, having faith in Nichlos as a director and why he’s going to be a mainstream filmmaker. They also touched on the mesh of genres contained in the film and how they drew inspiration from other projects.

Joel Edgerton & Kirsten Dunst:

  • Where they drew inspiration for their roles.
  • Why Nichols is a Spielberg caliber director.
  • Films that took them into a new phase in their careers.
  • What part of the low budget gem’s distinct script convinced them to sign on.


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