Minimalist Posters for the Films of Quentin Tarantino

     January 26, 2010


More homes would have movie posters on their walls if studios made them as eye-catching as what artist Ibraheem Youssef has done with the films of Quentin Tarantino.  They remind me of the “I Can Read Movies” series with their minimal designs that cause fans to grin and make the uninitiated want to get in on the joke.  I’ve seen all of Tarantino’s movies, but I can’t seem to grasp the reference Youssef’s making for Inglourious Basterds even though I’ve seen that movie twice and recently.  Help me out in our comments section.

Check out all the posters after the jump.  You can purchase them as 12×18 prints or 24×36 posters at  All prints and posters are limited editions, hand-signed, and numbered.








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  • junierizzle

    SPOILER!!!In the Basterds poster, he is referring to the bar scene. SPOILER!!!!!!!!
    THe moment in which the British operative gives himself away by ordering three glasses. He puts up his hand the way the blue hand is in the poster. The correct German way to signal 3 is the way the red hand in the poster is.

  • Vu

    The Inglourious Basterds one is referring to the scene in the bar when the guy orders three drinks. The way he uses his fingers to signal “three” reveals him as not being German.

  • You get paid for this…

    The three fingers is how the Nazi, during the underground bar scene, figured out the officers were American impostors. When asking for 3 glasses to pour whiskey, the American gestured the blue hand's way, where a German would gesture the red hands way. That was a major moment in the movie… how did you miss it?? Anyways, really cool artwork here. All of them would have a place on my wall.

  • Matt Goldberg

    I thought they knew he was British because of what he ordered, not the fingers. Guess I'll have to watch it again. Oh. What torture. Why me.

  • Corin Prendiville

    That is a pretty cool poster for Inglourious Basterds since it is when everything went wrong (the real climax). I also love the scene because in so many ways it is an ode to Battle Royale's shootout.

  • Kinspin

    Thanks, I was trying to figure it out, I'll have to watch the movie again to catch that.

  • Ryan Dillon

    In the Inglorious Basterds its referencing when they were undercover and got busted because they ordered 3 shots of whiskey but didn't use the german hand signal for three, Awesome scene!

  • Scott Kraushaar

    The reference he is making in regard to Inglorious Basterds is from the scene in the basement of the French tavern where operation Kino starts. The English spy orders 3 whiskey's as portrayed by the blue hand in the poster. Later the German actress explains Germans hand signal for 3 is with the thumb, pointer and middle finger as represented by the red hand in the poster. That should clear things up.

  • goshops

    How could you miss that, the surviving lady even tells Brad Pitts character why everyone in the bar was dead.

  • rumbug

    I love how Diane Kruger is relegated to “surviving lady” status – poor Diane, uberhot models just don't get the respect that they used to : )

  • rumbug

    I love how Diane Kruger is relegated to “surviving lady” status – poor Diane, uberhot models just don't get the respect that they used to : )

  • AOA

    the inglorious basterds is the best one actually…its referring to the way germans and americans show 3 with their fingers…

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  • pit

    Hey, that is pretty cool, but I found a something else interesting. It is a video about a guy putting a diet coke and mentos in a microwave experiment and then it explodes. I want to see if you think it is fake or not. Check it out at Tell me if you think it is real or fake.

  • Thermionic Binaural

    Something everyone misses is when the Jew Hunter says “specialty” – that's American English, a word in WWII Germany a German wouldn't use. He should have said “speciality”. I would have shot HIM for being a fake German.

  • Guestie
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  • Dan Emery

    Quick question, in the reservoir dogs poster, are the crayons in a particular order?
    For instance, is the first one to topple the first to die, and so on? I don’t think they can be in that order though because (SPOILER ALERT) Mr. Orange is one of the last to die, or at least dies after Mr. Blonde anyway.
    So obviously it can’t be that… the order in which they get shot perhaps?
    But what does anyone else think?


    y r we all here wen we culd be curing cancer???????!?!?!

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