Steven Spielberg Developing MINORITY REPORT TV Series with GODZILLA Writer

     August 21, 2014


Steven Spielberg is no stranger to the television landscape, but for one of his upcoming small screen projects it appears that he’s keen on mining one of his own properties.  Spielberg is developing a Minority Report TV series based on his Tom Cruise-fronted 2002 sci-fi thriller of the same name, per The Wrap.  As you well know, Minority Report was based on a Philip K. Dick short story that revolved around the PreCrime unit, which specialized in preventing crimes before they happened using a trio of “precogs” that could see the future.  Sounds like a pretty solid premise for a weekly TV series, no?  More after the jump.

minority-report-steven-spielberg-tom-cruiseThe Wrap reports that Spielberg is developing the Minority Report TV series via his Amblin Television studio, with Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein set to pen the screenplay.  In addition to Godzilla, Borenstein previously wrote Legendary’s long-delayed Seventh Son and is currently working on the King Kong redo Skull Island, and it appears that his talents have piqued Spielberg’s interest.

Spielberg plans on casting a name actor for the lead role, just as his did with Halle Berry in the CBS series Extant, on which he serves as an executive producer.  He currently has his hands full prepping to direct a Cold War thriller this fall with Tom Hanks before segueing into a feature film adaptation of The BFG, but after that wraps next year, Spielberg is expected to be “closely involved” with the Minority Report TV series.

I think Minority Report is one of Spielberg’s best films and it certainly lends itself easily to a TV show format, but besides his HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and The Pacific, the filmmaker’s television track record isn’t exactly stellar.  He tends to veer towards more sci-fi and genre fare like Terra Nova, Falling Skies, and Taken, and he even lent his talents to the much-maligned Smash.  None of these shows were outright terrible (okay, maybe Terra Nova), but they don’t necessarily live up to the Spielberg promise—which isn’t surprising when a filmmaker as busy as Spielberg helps with the inception and launch of a series, but isn’t able to devote the time necessary for the day-to-day work of the show.

But maybe Minority Report will be different.  Borenstein seems to be a talented guy, and since this is an adaptation of one of Spielberg’s own films, it’s possible that he’ll be a bit more invested in the show’s eventual outcome.  What do you think, readers?  Are you optimistic about the Minority Report TV series?  Sound off in the comments below.


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  • God’s Diamond

    Movie is one of my all time favorite so I’m interested I hope it’s good.

  • Dedpool

    Interesting. I enjoyed the movie and think it’s a great premise for a show. Might I suggest Karl urban for the role as he just lost “Almost Human” which I also really liked. But like that show. “Minority Report” could go both ways, and be more costly than the network would like. I hope it works though.

    • GunzOfNavarone

      Spielberg wouldn’t touch him, I could see him being quite particular.

  • Mixed race rich kid NYC

    Jesus Christ,
    Steven Spielberg loves money!!!! He’ll do anything and put his name on any cinematic sh!t just for a little gold (even ruin his legacy )
    I never bought into the stereotype that Jews are greedy and love money until I became familiar with Spieldberg
    I think a little bit of him rubbed off on George Lucas
    He was never the same after he became friend with spieldberg

    • Neo Racer

      Humans are greedy, doesn’t matter the race

    • Mixed race rich kid NYC

      That’s why I have more respect for Coppola out of those ucla filmmakers
      Apart from a short time in the 90s whe he made godfather part 3 ,directed jack and cast Keanu reeves in that vampire movie, he never sold out

      • Mr. F

        Yeah, and hasn’t made a good movie since the 90′s. And it’s funny that you say that, because he is good friends with both Spielberg and Lucas, mentored them both, and consults with them on most of their films.

      • shush

        “That vampire movie” you damn well know what it is called so stop being a git.

    • Face It

      Spielberg cares more about entertaining than he does about money you piece of anti-Semitic shit. Acting like you are so much better than every one because you are mixed and rich and from New York, a liberal’s wet dream. So if you are going to critize someone for liking money, take the “rich” out of your name, hypocrite.

    • DNAsplitter

      Holy crap you really are the biggest troll on this site. You come on this site and do nothing but make racist comments on here to entice people into arguing with your nonsenical logic about Jews, white people, and any other race that isn’t yours. Please go play in traffic and do the world a favor.

      • trash

        take the profile pic down and stop being so over exited about that movie

    • Big John

      Wow, are you seriously calling somebody greedy, and you brag about being rich in your screen name? Spielberg worked hard for his money, all you did was inherit it from your parents.

    • itookashowerintherain

      No, Spielberg just likes to work. He is happiest when he is busy and being creative like most creative people. He even has said how depressed he gets when he doesn’t have a movie to make so I think that is why he takes on so many producing jobs when in between films.

  • Tyler

    Hmm, interesting…

  • calebrcrawford

    Falling Skies isn’t that bad. The first two seasons were really good, and the family dynamic of the show is always strong (a Spielbergian touch IMO).

    As far as the MR show goes, I would definitely check it out.

    • LEM

      From the acting to the story that show is horrible and would have been cancelled 2 seasons ago if Spielbergs name wasn’t on it.

  • calebrcrawford

    Falling Skies isn’t that bad. The first two seasons were really good, and the family dynamic of the show is always strong (a Spielbergian touch IMO).

    As far as the MR show goes, I would definitely check it out.

  • Daniel O’Reilly

    I could see Fox picking this up, and then cancelling it after the first season.

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  • LEM

    Spielberg and TV don’t go well together.

  • LEM

    Spielberg and TV don’t go well together.

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