MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 Welcomes Back Ving Rhames

     August 17, 2014


Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol felt like a mini-reboot for the franchise as it came off more like a team movie rather than Ethan Hunt and Friends.  Oddly, it was a team movie missing Hunt’s long-running teammate, Luther Stickell, who was played by Ving Rhames, although he did have a cameo at the end.

Thankfully, it looks like Luther is back in the IMF as Mission: Impossible 5 director Christopher McQuarrie has tweeted “Welcome Back, Mr. Rhames” and then CC’ing the Twitter handles for co-stars Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner.  While I’m a little bummed that Paula Patton isn’t returning, I’m glad Rhames is back in the mix.  As we previously reported, Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson may also join the picture.  Mission: Impossible 5 opens December 25, 2015.

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  • Drake

    Sucks that Paula Patton won’t be back … or maybe she will be and they haven’t announced it yet. Glad to have Luther back. Hope this movie provides closure to the whole Julia storyline. Then we can make MI 3-5 be its own trilogy and pretend the first two movies never happened.

    • Jack Dennis

      The first is what started it all.It might not have been the best story out of the bunch, but it had some of the most iconic action/spy scenes in the genre.

      • LEM

        Plus uncredited Emilio Estevez being crushed by an elevator.

      • Drake

        Just because the original Fast & Furious is what started it all, and just because it has some of the most iconic car movie scenes in the genre, doesn’t mean that it’s better than Fast 5 & 6.

    • lord jim

      The first one was the best, (especially from a visual point) besides the last one, while the third one was the worst.(Yes the second one was ridiculous cheese, but at least entertaining, and it didn´t feel like a tv-movie).

      • Drake

        No way! The third movie tramples all over MI-2 (which is one of the most laughable blockbusters ever made, in my opinion). The original does have some merit, but it’s still painfully convoluted. And the whole Jim Phelps storyline really sucked. I couldn’t care less about the series until the third movie came along. But now with MI-3 and MI-4 (and hopefully continuing with the 5th movie), the series has finally gained some much needed competence and overreaching storytelling ability.

      • Lord Jim

        I don´t think john woo was interested in a realistic approach, one likes his style or doesn´t, but at least he has style, while most action movies feel rather generic.J.J.Abrams doesn´t have any style, with his best efforts he just tries to copy Spielberg.the script was dumb, but I haven´t seen a Mission Impossible movie yet, that comes close to the original series in terms of writing.The third one just didn´t have no atmosphere, and felt like a TV-show to me, it took itself too seriously but didn´t manage to make me care, it was fast and forgettable and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was completely underused.I agree that the first one is convolutet, but it´s an absolutely fascinating watch – visually it´s a brillant film, and Brian De Palma is the best director they ever had.I found it interesting that Tom Cruise wanted a different director with a different sensibility for each film, so they wouldn´t feel like sequels – and I hope he keeps it that way.Michael Mann would be a great choice, but I´m afraid he doesn´t do franchises.

      • Drake

        If slow-mo, hair-flipping backflipping is what gets you off, than I guess John Woo has style… And I would definitely say that MI-3 has great style! The Vatican break in was more “classic Mission Impossible” than anything in MI-2. And if you found more to care about in the Cruise/Newton relationship in MI-2 as opposed to the Cruise/Monaghan relationship in MI-3 … well then, we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    • LEM

      I thought she died from cringing at Robin Thickes pathetic public begging.

  • Kara

    Why isn’t Michelle Monaghan in it? :(
    She’s so important to Ethan’s character…

  • appolox

    I kinda don’t want him to return. Just because 1 of my favorite things about Ghost Protocol was the camaraderie between Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, and Jeremy Renner.

    • Absolutelyyup

      I agree. Liked him in the first one, but I want the team that was established in GP to have more adventures together. Get Paula back.

  • alk

    Seeing as most people here are asking “Why Paula Patton isn’t coming back” I gather she was very much liked in the last installment. I’d like to see her come back too. Let’s cross our fingers that they’re just sitting on it!

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I hope Paula Patton does at least a cameo. Her character was awesome. That was my personal choice for WW when they were looking to actresses.

  • mattinacan

    really disappointing that they aren’t bringing back Paula’s strong female character, now we’ve got ourselves a sausage fest again. Another movie franchise with a serious female problem.

  • Christopher Sims

    Maybe they will still bring Paula back. Though there has never been a woman that has made 2 consecutive mission impossibles.

  • Strong Enough

    We already know hollywood has a strictly “1 black person per film” rule.

  • astr


  • lord jim

    Stop projecting your preferences on other people.

  • http://collider.com Matt Goldberg

    Yeah, that shit got deleted and banned as soon as I saw it. If that kind of raging bigotry appears from a commenter, feel free to e-mail or tweet any of us, and we’ll ban that asshole.

  • Bob and Rob Piccob

    Well now I’m just curious to know what they said.