December 28, 2012


While 2012 was a great year for superhero movies, fans continue to fiercely debate which one was “the best.”  Those in Christopher Nolan’s camp squarely defend The Dark Knight Rises as the year’s best, while fans of Joss Whedon hold to the superhero assembly flick, The Avengers.  Few comic book fans may rally to support The Amazing Spider-Man for the top spot, but Marc Webb followers certainly liked his stamp on the property.  General consensus would suggest that none of these movies were perfect.  A new batch of micro-reviews from Cinema Sins point out the flaws in each movie and tally them up.  If you’re a fan of Honest Trailers or just want some more ammunition to tear apart your friends’ shitty opinions, you’ll like these.  Hit the jump to check them out.

Keep in mind that these trailers are less of a critical review and more of a bit of good-natured humor.  Some are funnier than others and some are really reaching in their “sins.” Let’s face it, these are movies first and foremost, and comic book movies at that.  Fictional films also tend to lose their fun factor when every little detail is scrutinized to exhaustion.  Not everything has to be true to life, even if you’re trying to make it “gritty and realistic.”  Check them out below:

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Dark Knight Rises

The Avengers


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  • Stinky

    Dubbing a video “pointless” on the Internet can be fundamentally redundant, but… that was pointless snarky drivel that can’t find clever with a map.

    A new level of who-gives-a-shit has been born.

  • Lance

    Notice there is no video for Prometheus! Why? Because nothing is wrong with it! Not substantially, anyway.

    • Jay

      Actually there was quite a bit wrong with that film. Like the fact that a lot of those scenes could’ve been in any order and it wouldn’t have had any major affect on the story. Or the characters motivations were less than clear throughout most of the film.

      There was a lot wrong with Prometheus.

      But all that said….putting these videos together seems like a waste of time. Why does it matter that Bruce Wayne somehow was able to get halfway around the globe that quickly….is the point of watching a film to focus on minute details and point out that in real life that wouldn’t be possible? It’s a freaking movie! When you sit down in a theater you are leaving reality, going to another world, buying into something that doesn’t exist. That is the point. Yes, I believe there are moments in certain films that don’t respect the audience’s intelligence but I don’t think any of these films (well, maybe The Amazing Spider-Man; the Bing thing is ridiculuous) are guilty of that. If you’re going to be that picky and let those kinds of details ruin your experience of a film then you’re going to be hard pressed in finding a film that works for you. Plain and simple.

      • Nolan is a fraud

        No, the point of a movie is to have the audience invested in the story. With giant leaps of logic like that “we have the city locked down so no one has access” then pop batman’s inside without so much as a token break-in scene moviegoers who are intelligent and were invested in the story are then taken out of the film going experience because the movie has betrayed its own internal logic. For instance, say in Star Wars Ep 4 when they go to rescue Leia when she’s held prisoner in the Death Star ( a large impregnable fortress) it would take you out of the story if out of nowhere Luke and the gang miraculously appeared inside of the death star without any explanation whatsoever of how they got there. That’s the equivalent what Nolan did in this instance. It’s just lazy poor script writing, which could have been forgivable if the entire film didn’t consist of such poor choices. There are many many films without such glaring flaws that we can enjoy. The idea that all films have flaws so we shouldn’t critique any movies is assine at best and insulting puerile at worst.

      • TwoCentsTooMuch


        Thank you for making those points for both movies, but actually it was pretty well established in Batman Begins how Bruce Wayne was more than capable of easily going wherever he pleases with little or no resources; getting into his city would’ve been even easier for him than it was for the Special Ops.

      • Agent777

        Filmaking 101 is not to show laborious shots of how people get from point A to point B. Even in real life, if I take a plain to the Andes and back, I’m not going to remember the plane journey, I’m going to remember the bloody Andes. The nit picking of Dark Knight Rises is truly beyond me. It’s like people wanted it to fail. Easily better than Return of the King, and spanned several of the plotlines from the comics.

      • Jay

        @ Nolan is a fraud

        I guess it depends on which “flaws” you want to critique. I am all for critiquing films for things they should be critiqued for. As you noticed I did offer two critiques of Prometheus but those are dramatic and character issues. My problem with these videos is that they make a huge deal about things like a character sounding like he was laughing when he was being choked and smothered to death. It just seems like if you want to have a discussion on issues with films there are better things to discuss than those kinds of things. That’s all I’m saying.

        As to your Star Wars reference and being taken out of the film with giant leaps in logic, yeah, I feel you on that. Honestly I don’t think The Dark Knight Rises did that more or less than any other action/superhero films. Maybe we just disagree on that point.

        And to say that Nolan is guilty of lazy script writing, well….I’m just going to have to disagree with you there as well. I doubt many of us realize the extent of what went into the process of wrapping up a trilogy such as this. If Nolan came out and admitted to not spending much time on the script and throwing it together then yeah, I think you have a case, but let’s be careful about ascribing titles such as “fraud” to people who have clearly produced amazing work and are always striving to create things that are true to themselves and things that they believe in.

    • spongefist

      Prometheus was not mentioned because if they pointed out it’s faults it would take exactly the running time of the movie.

      Over 2 hours of shit, visually stunning shit, but none the less.

      A polished turd, nothing more.

  • jimmer

    this will end well

  • ap30

    Are we forgetting that these are MOVIES? Hey, at least it isn’t just The Dark Knight Rises getting unfairly picked apart to pieces…

  • scrotiemcboogerballs

    herp f***ing derp. comic book movies arent realistic. no f***ing way.

  • Dante

    Someone finally did it, thank you !

  • Livy

    Considering the kind of “sins” these videos point out, you could make an lengthy list for practically any movie in existence since they all have logic or technical or cliche or development problems if you look close enough or have a different opinion.

    • Ryan


    • Henny

      Citizen Kane, Godfather, Casablanca, Raging Bull, It’s A Wonderful Life, To Kill A Mockingbird, Any Stanley Kubrick movie, Every Alfred Hitchcock movie, the original Star Wars trilogy, and Schindler’s List have no flaws.

      • Kroz

        That one Storm Trooper in A New Hope bump his head on the door!

      • All movies have flaws, even if they’re tiny.


      • what’s the argument

        @Strong Enough
        I don’t understand your position. So because there’s flaws in every movie all movies are equal? There’s no variation on how flawed or if the flaws outweigh how successful a films other elements are? Should we never criticize anything? That’s like saying well all governments have flaws so why criticize any government? Do you understand how stupid you sound? Gawd educate yourselves please. It’s embarrassing.

      • TwoCentsTooMuch

        @What’s the Argument

        I hope you’re not referring to his post down below; because that’s not what he inferred at all. Now please refer to your last three sentences and take them to heart, dear friend.

  • Strong Enough

    these videos are so pointless. no film is perfect. you can do this all day

    • The dark knight rises was excrement

      Well if it isn’t Nolan’s boy toy coming to defend his massa’s integrity. FUCK YOU! There are perfect films for instance Andrei Rublev. There are also flawed films that have sensical stories, aren’t ludicrous, don’t have a silly villain who sounds like Adam Sandler, don’t have giant gaps in logic and are entertaining. Just because your loverboy limey prick made it doesn’t give it a free pass. Are you willing to say the same thing about Transformers Revenge of the Fallen? (Both are equivalent to each other in terms of filmmaking prowess in my honest opinion). Are you willing to defend the film with a credible counter argument or are you a ball-less coward? My guess is you’re a coward.

      • Kroz

        HAHAHAHA!! Talk about “that escalated quickly!” Did “Strong Enough” or Chris Nolan murder your ancestors?! HAHA!

    • The dark knight rises was excrement

      It’s confirmed. Strong Enough is a coward whose unwilling to defend any of his points. Just shits them out and runs.

      Nolanites make me want to vomit. You assholes never give a solid counter argument to valid critiques of Rises. It’s always “Derp we shouldn’t worry about flaws in movies cause things have flaw derp a derp a tiddly derp derp”. Did you all give Prometheus a pass? Did none of you criticize it for massive flaws? Fuck yourselves hypocrite beotches. So now that you’ve taken that stance you are never ever allowed to criticize any movie for any flaw or any shortcoming because that would mean you’re hypocrites. What a bunch of dickless assclowns. Just admit your a bunch of tasteless fanboy cretins and we can all move on with our lives.

      • TwoCentsTooMuch

        @The dark knight yadda yadda yadda:

        I wanna help you, friend, but you shouldn’t have called him a hypocrite right before accusing HIM of being a dickless assclown. My hands are tied. *shrugs*

      • The dark knight is a rancid whore

        @two cents
        How could an over weight Harry Knowles look alike wearing Batman Jammies trying to find his own dick among the folds of his flab while he attemtps to masterbate to a picture of Christian Bale in his mama’s basement help anyone? I’m genuinely curious.

      • Kroz

        Who’s crying here? Is it us who genuinely liked The Dark Knight Rises despite its flaws that we never denied being there or you who would go out of his way to bash people who enjoyed the film?

        The Dark Knight Rises is an astounding, ambitious film with original action set pieces (which is saying a lot for a hollywood blockbuster), a meticulous approach for character establishment, superb casting and has emotional depth. Yes, the plot had quite a few holes in it but I guess its a testament that those didn’t keep the film from pulling us back into being involved with the story. I watched it multiple times already but I’ll be damned if I say that ending still wouldn’t get a good grip on me the next time I watch it. Bottom line is though, I damn well enjoyed the film and if YOU didn’t, then that’s fine with me. but I do wish you could’ve enjoyed it as much as I did!

      • Mark

        I agree with Kroz. I also loved The Dark Knight Rises

    • Strong Enough

      damn all this for me? :)

  • anon

    Collider becomes most useless site on internet by posting video joke about AIDS. Fail count: Infinte. Sentence: Oblivion.

  • immature

    Why is Catwoman being a lesbian a movie sin?

    • TwoCentsTooMuch

      Yeah, he really put his foot in his mouth with that one.

  • Weeks

    Dredd was the best superhero movie of the year.

    • J.R.

      I second that!
      Here is my order:
      1. Avengers (yeah is silly, cheap and lite but it is a well made film)
      2. Dredd (Underated, hope you guys support this movie when it comes out on blu!)
      3. TDKR (the difference between this movie and the Avengers is quality in terms of cinematography, as many flaws you can point out this movie looks so much better than the avengers, but because all of the plot holes it destroys the movie completely , the return of Bruce Wayne to Gotham and the broken back or disc out of place or whatever takes you out of the movie in an instant , btw Bats docent appear in the movie until 43 minutes, what a joke.
      4. Spiderman (What a piece of krap!) CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

  • Mr Kippling

    the Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises videos are far to lenient. Try doubling the “movie sin tally” numbers for both :P

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  • Dobby

    Those who can, do. Those who don’t makes crappy, snarky, pointless and unfunny videos.

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  • TSB

    I thing TDKR is good movie, first part was too slow for me, after that I understand this movie is about, not Batman, it about Bruce Wayne to find his self again . It’s how you see it from. the Avengers is same way, You Have to watch Ironman’s, Thor Movies and few movies to Understand the plot from those Movies , the Thor Movie is the Key one .