ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Creator Mitch Hurwitz to Direct THE BOSS OF IT ALL for Universal

     February 22, 2011


While fans are still holding out for the long, long, looooong-talked about Arrested Development movie, creator Mitch Hurwitz has just set up a deal with Universal to direct a remake of Lars von Trier’s Norwegian comedy Direktoren For Det Hele or The Boss of it All. The film centers on an IT company that hires an actor to serve as the company’s president in order to help get the business sold, all because the company’s current boss had been pretending like there was another boss above him so it would be easier to break bad news to employees. Sounds a bit like The Office meets Office Space no?

The Wrap reports that Hurwitz is signed on to direct, with Emma Forrest set to write the screenplay. Arrested Development narrator Ron Howard will executive-produce with Brian Grazer through their Imagine Entertainment company. No word on when filming might start or how far along the project is, but the report does note that the project has been in development for about a year. Now, about that Arrested Development movie…

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