New Images from Bryan Fuller’s MOCKINGBIRD LANE, aka THE MUNSTERS Remake [Updated with First Trailer]

     October 12, 2012


By now you may have heard that NBC has a grave outlook for Bryan Fuller’s Munsters re-imagined series, Mockingbird Lane.  Luckily, fans of the Pushing Daisies creator (and the morbidly curious) will get to see the series pilot repurposed as a holiday special later this month.  You’ll get to see Jerry O’Connell as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi as Lily Munster, and Eddie Izzard as the vampire Grandpa (or “D” as they’re calling him), along with Mason Cook as Eddie Munster and Charity Wakefield as Marilyn in the Bryan Singer-directed pilot/Halloween special on October 26th.  But you can check out new images of the cast now after the jump.

[Update: The first trailer for the pilot has been released and is now included after the jump.]

Check out the images of the cast of Mockingbird Lane and let us know your thoughts in the comments below (via TV Line):

  • DerpyMcDerpstein

    Why couldn’t they just make them look like monsters……

    • Hunter

      maybe its before he turns into frankenstein because it shows him on that operating table at the bottom

      • Nilbog

        Doubt it’s before cause you can see the scar around Jerry O’Connell’s neck.

  • El Alto

    THAT’s why it’s not getting green lit.

  • Herman

    This looks like EPIC FAIL!
    As a huge fan of the original, this really does look horribly miscast and designed.

    If they were to do a Munsters reboot, Herman Munster should be played by RON PERLMAN, as he is the only living actor that actually looks like Fred Gwyn from the original. He even has a similar voice tone. And they should keep his Boris karloff Frankenstein monster look.

    Christina Hendricks from Mad Men would be a great Lydia Munster.

    Robert Englund or Robin Williams, as Grandpa.

    Not sure about the others, but definately Ron Perlman as Herman.

    • Samwitch23

      Her name is Lilly.

  • cedartreeradar

    why do i feel like im the only one excited to see this show

  • Richard

    I’m no homophobe, but everything Bryan Singer touches turns flamin’ gay. A beefcake Herman? Really?

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  • Farzan

    This actually looks pretty fun. It doesn’t look as great as the original, but it looks a nice modern take on the original classic. Can’t wait to watch it.

    P.s Bryan Singer is very talented and he’s only had 1 mistake (Superman Returns) which is pretty much the same as any other great filmmaker.

  • Mikey

    What an asinine thing to say, Richard. If a piece of filmmaking includes a sultry woman, no one draws attention to the director or producer’s heterosexuality.

    Beginning a statement with “I’m not homophobic, but…” or “I’m not racist, but…” is pretty much an admission.