May 11, 2012


Good news has arrived for three freshman series and four running series over at ABC. Following in the footsteps of Fox’s housecleaning and pick-ups and NBC’s slew of renewals including a fourth season for Community and a final season for 30 Rock (hopefully what should be the final season for The Office too), ABC has decided to renew seven series across the board that will please a variety of fans. TV by the Numbers has news on the renewals, and on the comedy side of things, Modern Family, The Middle and Suburgatory have all been renewed, while new dramas Once Upon a Time and Revenge will also get a second season. Finally, older series Castle and Grey’s Anatomy will also get another season, even if the latter medical drama has overstayed its welcome and jumped the shark for a couple years now.  Hit the jump for more, including my thoughts on the renewals and the ABC series that have yet to get an official order.

That sounds like a pretty full slate and we haven’t heard if ABC is going to bring back other series like Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, Happy Endings (which definitely deserves another season) and Private Practice, not to mention any of the new series that will show up this fall. I’m not gonna lie though, aside from Happy Endings and Modern Family, ABC’s line-up doesn’t really have my attention, so I’m hoping some new series show up in the fall that will impress me. Stay tuned as the fall schedule for 2012-2013 continues to fill up.


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  • ozzie

    The Middle, Suburgatory, and Revenge are excellent

  • aaronsullivan

    I’m surprising myself by talking about Once Upon a Time:
    I’ve tried to quit it, but my wife keeps watching it in the background while she works and I’ll catch it.

    Once Upon A Time is far better and far worse than I imagined. It cycles between complete garbage I can barely stand to watch and really gripping and interesting. Such a weird show.

    Also, it goes hyper violent and serious sometimes and then is fruity and childish as can be. It seems like it’s in perpetual experimentation. Makes sense, since the pilot had no solid tone and felt completely schizo.

    Maybe a second season will have a stronger vision behind it and the show runners will pick the tone and style that works for me (and others?). It could just easily go the other way.

  • Dmitriy

    I feel like aaronsullivan about Once Upon a Time. It can be great and then garbage shortly after.

    But what really pisses me off is that they’ve dragged out this first season over 8 FUCKIN’ MONTHS! I will watch the last few episodes I missed and the finale and then be done with it.

    Fuck you network television. I resister for years, then finally relented with this show, and found you have not changed in your bullshit ways. I’m sticking to HBO & Showtime from now on (+ FX & AMC).

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  • Hrothgar

    I agree with you about Grey’s Anatomy but I’m honestly curious as to how one can both “overstay your welcome” and “jump the shark”.