Four Teaser Trailers and Six Images for Pixar’s MONSTERS UNIVERSITY [Updated]

     June 20, 2012


Disney has released four, slightly different teaser trailers for the Monsters, Inc. prequel, Monsters University along with the first four images from the film.  In a press release, director Dan Scanlon explained, “Billy Crystal’s an amazing comedic actor.  He gave us so much fun material, we decided to cut four slightly different versions of the trailer. We are so happy to have him back as Mike!”  The trailers are cute, and I got a big laugh out of the last joke. I’m wondering if Mike is an R.A. because it definitely seems like Sulley (John Goodman) is a frat boy.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and images [Update: We added two pieces of concept art]. The film also features the voices of Steve Buscemi, Dave Foley, Julia Sweeney, Joel Murray, and Peter Sohn. Monsters University opens June 21, 2013.

Trailer via Disney:

Trailer via Apple:

Trailer via Yahoo! Movies:

Trailer via The Huffington Post:


Here’s the official synopsis for Monsters University:

Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn’t stand each other. Monsters University unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

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  • CanIHaveASlice?

    The 1st one was all right, but one of the weaker Pixar efforts, in my humble opinion. I’d much rather see this than another Cars sequel, though. My concern is, where is the Incredibles sequel? I know Brad Bird has said he doesn’t want to just make one for the sake of making one (which I love about him), but no one at Disney/Pixar seems into the idea. It’s my personal favorite Pixar movie and one of the best super hero films to date. I’d love to see the Parr family suit up again!

    • Ian

      It’s one of my personal favorites, but to each their own. I don’t get why there’s barely any movement on an Incredibles 2, that has more places to go for a good-to-great sequel than Cars ever did.

  • Marvel-Ouch

    Going to be captain obvious here and point out that each trailer has different dialogues for Mike Wazowski’ during the 0.29 mark.

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  • keepitreal

    This is going to be huge at the box office!

    And Goldberg – I suppose your celebrating after hearing about Depp’s breakup?

  • keepitreal = the Depp bashing website

    • Guns Of Navarone

      I don’t think Goldberg’s comments are totally without merit. Depp has been overcooking the scene for years. I think people would appreciate him more if he took some more serious roles and calmed this over eccentric madman act down. It does get too much sometimes.

  • terry


  • Tim

    One of the best Pixar movies to date with The Incredibles being their worst in my opinion. So exited for this.

    • AndrewRyan

      Um… How about no? Did you even see cars 2?

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  • Strong Enough

    that last painting is by Dice Tsusumi!

    i can tell by the style

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  • rickytariq

    The Incredibles is hands down their best movie, then Monsters Inc. Which in my opinion i’d much rather see a sequel instead of a prequel but this movie shall be good and successful. Cars’ movies are good but overrated.

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  • See oddicious

    Cars 2 was great, but then again I had hot wheels cars when I was a kid. Monsters inc was decent but try watching it now, it’s boring. This one looks pretty boring too. I want to see brave but it also looks boring. They Made all the movies they set out to make through up. After that it was like what do we do now? Pixar has been in a creative low which is why we are going to get some easy sequel/ princess movies for a bit. Disney ruins everything.

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