George Clooney’s MONUMENTS MEN Won’t Open Until 2014, Delayed Due to Visual Effects Work

     October 22, 2013


It looks like George Clooney’s The Monuments Men won’t be opening this year, meaning it also won’t be in the running for the upcoming Academy Awards.  The film was originally slated to open December 18th, but has been bumped to early 2014.  The reason?  Clooney states that the visual effects work on the World War II-era drama needs more time.  Check out the film’s trailer to get acquainted.

The Monuments Men also stars Matt DamonCate BlanchettJean DujardinHugh Bonneville, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, and Bill Murray.  Hit the jump for more.

The LA Times reports the-monuments-men-george-clooney-matt-damonthat Clooney needs more time to complete The Monuments Men, saying:

“We just didn’t have enough time … If any of the effects looked cheesy, the whole movie would look cheesy.  We simply don’t have enough people to work enough hours to finish it.”

Although the 2014 release takes The Monuments Men out of contention for an Oscar this year, Clooney doesn’t seem too upset by that fact:

“All we’ve ever said, from the very beginning, is that we wanted to make a commercial, non-cynical piece of entertainment.”

In addition to The Monuments Men reschedule, there are a number of other high-profile films that have had their release dates shuffled around, including Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, likely moving from November 15th to December 25th, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, Olivier Dahan’s Grace of Monaco and James Gray’s The Immigrant, all of which were once set to debut this year, have been delayed to 2014.


  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    The whole movie already looked cheesy, visual effects or not

  • SomeGuy

    I’m excited for this movie, but I am glad they are taking the time to get it right. Besides, there are a lot of other movies being cramped in these last few months of 2013.

  • Kota Lancaster

    I think this is a trend that’s growing, that’s a good trend to grow. Actually taking time on these movies and not rushing them to make it to award’s season.

  • JK1193

    At least Clooney still has good Oscar chances for Gravity, which I actually think is one of his most finest performances. For such an intense and visceral experience, Clooney brought much needed warmth and levity to the film.

    • Person

      Really? One of his finest performances? He basically played himself.

  • The Flobbit

    Great, another great movie assigned to the Dumping Ground. I will still watch this, but will anyone else?

  • Nick


  • Hari

    Lets be real. With two libtards like Damon and Clooney no one in America was going to see this movie.

    • -

      I don’t even understand this. A lot of ultra-successful actors in Hollywood are liberal (not that that means anything, it’s just a fact), so why would the fact that Damon and Clooney are liberal mean that nobody sees the film? Seriously, what?

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  • Matt

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some reshoots were involved in there. I always thought the movie was a relatively quick turnaround for when production started, but the trailers haven’t inspired confidence.

    One made it look like a screwball comedy and the other made it look like a prototypical WWII drama. That sort of disconnect is always a bad sign. My guess is it didn’t test well and they’ll be rewriting, recutting, etc.

  • Mike

    They push them back because they are good movies and they care about them being the best they can be. No one cares about the quality of grown ups 2 which came out way early this year and never had a chance of being pushed.

  • Mike

    They push them back because they are good movies and they care about them being the best they can be. No one cares about the quality of grown ups 2 which came out way early this year and never had a chance of being pushed.

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  • -

    I have no strong feelings one way or the other. The film looks solid, but apart from the cast, I don’t see any reason to get that excited about it so far, honestly.

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