More JACKASS Coming to Theaters Soon?

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Since Jackass 3D has been a huge success, making $50.4 million over the weekend, Paramount is considering possibly using additional footage from the film as another sequel.  According to star Johnny Knoxville, the crew shot enough footage to make another movie, and much of what they shot never made it to Paramount.  The studio’s original plan was to release the material as an online follow-up like Jackass 2.5, but plans may change after the success of Jackass 3D.  A decision will likely be made in the next few days, according to the LA Times.  Hit the jump for more including what was left out of the film and the future of the franchise.

Star Stephen “Steve-O” Glover revealed one of the best stunts that was left on the cutting room floor, featuring a man farting blowdarts toward a target painted on his face.  Glover said of Jackass 3D, “you know you’re working with quality material if you’re leaving something like that out.”  Considering that the film is on track to cross the $100-million mark soon, the studio will probably want another sequel.  Jeff Tremaine, the director of all three Jackass films, has said that each one is filmed as if it’s going to be the last and that there are no plans to make more, but that the franchise could go on as long as the cast wants “as long as they’re brave enough to do it.”

So…would you pay to see Jackass again if Paramount re-released the movie with additional footage?


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  • Brian Howe

    Hmmmmmm. I’d pay for a sequel, but not the same movie with 20 minutes added on.

  • Anonymous

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