April 19, 2011


The second episode of director Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released and if you were worried the web series would be PG and not show any blood, this episode will make you happy.  Also, this is the first one to use a “fatality.”  While I wasn’t sure how Tancharoen would portray a fatality in a real world setting, I think he figured out a great way to do it.  After all, it would be very weird to all of a sudden hear an announcer scream “finish him!”

While each of the nine episodes will focus on the different characters in the Mortal Kombat universe, this one continues where the first one left off and it’s got Michael Jai White as Major Jackson ‘Jax’ Briggs, Jeri Ryan as Lt. Sonya Blade and Darren Shahlavi as Kano.  Hit the jump to watch.

If you missed my video interviews, here’s Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan.  Look for Kevin Tancharoen and video game creator Ed Boon very soon.

Finally, if you missed the first episode, I’d watch that first.



  • your mom

    Bad Ass. I was starting to worry.

  • Migz13

    Like this episode better than the first.
    Tons more since it already gave some nice answers to the whys and hows of Jax and Kano. Can’t wait to see episode three!!
    and they BETTER include Scorpion and Subzero!!

    • Alex H

      I agree! Scorpion and Subzero are the definitive Mortal Kombat characters in my eyes. I’m sure they’ll be in it somewhere down the line.

  • Alex H

    I think they could’ve cast Sonya a little better…she’s not as hot as the character’s supposed to be.

    But overall, this is awesome.

  • blueorangeny31

    It’s good but at the end it’s a c $ o c k tease. It was only about 6 mins, 2 were like recaps. I want longer footage

  • Dedpool

    This is really getting good. I’m hoping that we’ll get the second “season” that he wants to do with Liu Kang and Kung Lao, and then WB will let him transition into a live action film after he’s introduced the main characters.

  • Alex H

    AWESOME ending, too!

  • Matt1

    Sorry Steve, exactly where the hell was the “fatality” you were referring to??

  • Miles Bennett Dyson

    good episode, too bad the first minute and 30 seconds was recap, and then the last minute was credits… we were left with a really short episode… they need to make proper full pilots… I’m sure someone will pick it up.

  • James

    Enjoyed episode 2, but like others said, it was way too short. I understand the concept of a mini series, but there was only 5 minutes of new footage and while it was good, I asked myself “did I really get pumped all week for 5 minutes of video”? I would recommend they double it next time. Sure it may make the series shorter, but its almost a tease each week with the short clips and you never get a chance to fully get into it because its over so quickly.

  • Hairyman

    I was pissed. This was a waste of 5 minutes. it should have been part of the first episode, and a new 12-17 minutes should have debuted this week. I was let down. But, I still eagerly awaut next week’s episode.

  • knightmare

    kool kool just put in reptile(from game) in the next one with out killing hem he needs to be one of the last standing

  • critic

    I glad we dont have to pay for this crap. I Want a 10 minute episode not a 5 minute one with 2 for a recap and 2 for credits.

  • Batman

    I’m all for how’s its turning out but I’m dredding the episodes where all the mythological characters become disturbed mortals as if this is the batman movie or something. I grew up with mortal Kombat and I heavily prefer the fantasy gods and creatures mortal Kombat has always been.

    Really good job for what has been done so far and appreciate doing all this free for the fans.

  • tony

    man this web series leaves me wanting moreee they do need to make it longer but they r doing it for free btw so ppl can’t really argue and complain. this is a really cool vision of mortal kombat the fighting is really awesome too btw

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  • Wladi

    Indeed Sonya is ugly here…

  • malisa

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