April 26, 2011

MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY Episode 3 slice johnny cage

The third episode of Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy has been released and it focuses on Johnny Cage.  If you’re an actor that used to be popular and is now struggling to get a job, you’ll appreciate this episode.  Especially the ending.  But for everyone else, it’s just a big set up.  Hit the jump to watch.

Next week’s episode focuses on Kitana and Mileena.  Click here for all our Mortal Kombat: Legacy coverage which features exclusive video interviews with Ed Boon, Jeri Ryan, Michael Jai White, and the first two episodes of the web series.



  • Cropes

    This was my least favorite episode. Censorship in Episode 3 when the first few episodes were for adults, what the hell happened?

  • lhommequiavulours

    new x men first class international trailer with exclusive new footage of shaw around 1:00 :
    wowowowow !

  • Everyone

    The MORON studio Executive at Warner Brothers that decided to censor the profanity should be fired. Don’t they get it!!!! Rated R movies can make more money than PG-13 movies. R-Rated T-2 made more money than PG-13 Terminator Salvation (and that’s WITHOUT INFLATION). Also, has anyone heard of the R-Rated Matrix movies. The Matrix movies would have sucked if they had been PG-13. Audiences want to finally see the cool death’s that are in the video game and that can’t happen without an R. Someone fire the mentally inept moron at Warner Brothers. Also, after the first trailer became a hit a movie should have been greenlit. It may not have warranted a huge budget, but now that we are seeing these awesome shorts, it definitely does. I feel sorry for Kevin Tancharoen since he has to reported to morons who don’t have a clue about the history of what makes money at the box office.

    • Justaying

      actually, rated r makes less money, countries international dont really play rated r movies, so a market is cut short

  • Ryan

    I actually loved this episode! Kevin is doing a great job of setting these characters up for a movie with this series. You really get a sense of who Johnny Cage is and that his life has hit a low point. It’s that low point that makes him want to prove himself in the MK tournament. My only issue is that Machimima is forcing a censor on the series , which is BS. You can show footage of in-game fatalities with ppl being ripped in half but you can’t drop a few F bombs or fake knock a dudes eye out? With all the dumb s*it on You Tube, this is what they censor? Its a slap to the face of the ppl who worked so hard to make this thing happen.

  • Hairyman

    I think this was by far the weakest episode. I considered eps 1 and 2 to be just one episode. I waited a week for this? A censored episode? Really? Dumb. Mileena and Kitana next week could be good though.

  • sharrow

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  • Brandon Avery

    This was the weakest of the three, bit I still enjoyed it. I also agree with everyone else being upset with the censorship. HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!! Episodes 1 & 2 should’ve been one episode, and I’m a little worried with only 6 episodes left will that be enough to capture all the core characters. I do have faith in Kevin. With only a few nitpicks overall he’s doing a GREAT job!

  • Migz13

    Honestly, I enjoyed it. I think the reason why people are saying it’s weak is because it’s a stand-alone episode unlike the two parter about jax, sonya and kano. Personally, I think the dullest (compared to other two, but it’s still good in it’s own way)is the first one. It’s all just a set-up for the second part which is the best so far.

  • Kori

    I actually loved this episode. Yes, I hated the censorship but I read online somewhere that an uncensored one is being uploaded on the 29th on Friday so I’m not getting my panties in a knot over it.

    I really enjoyed this episode, can’t wait to see the Scorpion and Sub Zero one though!

  • Jesse

    Anyone else think we got a sneak peek at either Mileena or Kitana?