MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY Episode 4 – Kitana & Mileena (Part 1)

     May 3, 2011


The fourth episode of director Kevin Tancharoen’s Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series has hit the net and it focuses on Kitana (Sam Tjhia) and Mileena (Jolene Tran).   The episode also features our first look at Baraka.

While the last two weeks were censored when they first hit the net (which makes zero sense as this is based on a game that is famous for its blood and fatalities), the fourth episode has been released uncensored.  Also, unlike the last few episodes that were all live-action, episode four features animation mixed with live-action.  It’s also part one of two.  Hit the jump to check it out.  You can click here for all our previous Mortal Kombat: Legacy coverage which features interviews with the cast and all the previous episodes.



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  • zootcatchy

    what a crap! sorry.
    the whole video looks amateur (more over monsters, costumes and cgi looks lame). narrator sounds boring. and the plot just made me laugh.
    they’re ruining the franchise with this series.

    • Heralding The Kings

      Mortal Kombat is awesome so far! I just found a blog that’s giving out the preorder DLC for all the costumes, and the new Kenshi character DLC!

      I just got my Reptile Klassic Kostume but I don’t know if there’s anymore keys left. If you want to check it out, here’s the site:

  • B

    So much for the gritty reality based series they promoted.

    • evldead123

      Yep. Its just like the original movie now.

  • Migz13

    The problem with this one is that it sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the earlier episodes which used ‘realism’ as a driving factor. Now, they’re trying to shove in this other-worldly story into it. It just got confusing and all too different all of a sudden.
    Personally, I would’ve made that “fictional” world into just a “fictional” country or unknown region of the planet. That way, it would still be grounded in realism.

  • rockman_blues

    You guys are ranting for no reason other than to do so. This is a great series made with a relatively small budget from WB. Quit whining and just watch… like you’re gonna do anyways. Ed Boon is supervising the series and he’s stated several times that he’s truly happy with the work being done. KTanch is doing a good job mixing all of the fantasy and “realistic” elements together while staying true to the characters. And for those complaining about no violence, get real…. we haven’t even gotten to the tournament yet.

    • battleanel

      I’m obviously still watching it, but I have to agree with the above posters: this is incredibly poorly made. Budget be damned, Mortal Kombat is a concept that can be executed on a very tight budget, so long as the filmmaker is:

      skilled, has a good eye for cinematography, can produce actual tension, a decent soundtrack (free in this day and age, yet we’re still using a C- grade stock score), casts interesting performers, and is shooting from a script that doesn’t suck worse than the Street Fighter movie(s).

      Where is the stuff like the opening helicopter sequence from last year’s trailer? That short had much better cinematography, used visuals in an interesting way, had excellent DIY cgi, and the acting/tension was several leagues higher.

      This new series leaves me nostalgic for the first big screen MK.

  • nom79

    It’s killing me how it’s only 9 to 11 minutes a week and we had to wait this time around for a cartoon/live action episode. Better than Street Fighter but still not sucking me in(a la Mileena).

  • Wladi

    Legacy was looking great…untill now….lame episode…

  • Shine

    Can ,someone please tell me what song is played in episode 4 when she`s about to neck herself

  • Cyraxx

    Shouldn’t have brought up Mileena and Kitana after introducing 3 real characters….frankly, this episode and the position in the season doesn’t make sense. Could have progressed to Lou Kang or Kung Lao or Night Wolf.

    I recommend moving on to sub-zero, scorpion asap and steering away from another kill-bill-type animation action sequence. I don’t need to see mileena as a kid…I’d rather see her as an adult all pointy teeth and everything.

    The last 2 episodes have been blah and not great. I frankly agree that the series could be better but thankfully this isn’t a movie.

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