10 Most Valuable ‘Star Wars’ Toys

     September 3, 2015


I remember when The Phantom Menace opened, some of my friends tried to pick up as many action figures as they could in the hopes that one day those toys would be worth some serious money. Today, those toys are worth at most a few bucks more than what my friends paid for them back in 1999. Toys are tough investment, but if you got in on the ground floor with Star Wars, you could make some serious bank today.

I’ve rounded up a list of the ten most valuable Star Wars toys. It’s worth noting the prices fluctuate, so this list isn’t set in stone, but these ten toys have netted a huge profit in the past, and if you have them in mint condition, they could be worth thousands of dollars. While some of these prices make sense because of a character’s popularity, scarcity also plays a huge factor, sometimes far more than whether or not a character is a fan favorite. For example…


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