10 Minimalist Movie Posters from Artist Grischa Stanjek

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We love us some minimalist movie posters here at Collider.  I dig them because like the t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere, you can only appreciate them if you’ve seen the movie.  There’s also the simple artistic style that boils a movie down to one iconic image and then finds the right color to compliment it.

Artist Grischa Stanjek has done just that with ten movie posters you can check out after the jump (I particularly like the poster for Once Upon a Time in the West)

Click here to go to Stanjek’s official website.

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  • http://twitter.com/aeghast [A]

    wow it took me a little time (very short!) to guess the Apocalypse Now Redux.. um, motif — pretty cool posters!

  • Straighttovideo

    Personally, I think that almost all of these are crap. It's the same gimmick done 10 times over. The only one that is at all effective is the Luis Bunuel poster, (which is of course echoed in the far less effective, and far more overt Tarantino poster).

    Bunuel's poster works because it calls to mind the same invasive feeling as the film. In many ways the knife cutting through the cow's eye IS the film. It is a denial of all we have seen before, and too, a literal cutting edge. When we see the knife en tandem with the title, we are taken on the same journey that the film takes us on. the others simply namecheck famous images from the film, granting no larger context beyond the overt reference. In fact, The Clockwork Orange poster seems to entirely miss the point of the film, if I'm reading it properly.

    Too, other than the Bunuel poster, I don't think any of these are actually minimalist. Minimalism is giving the details that evoke the whole in a way that giving the whole might fail to accomplish. for example, “In the year she began to say 'vase' instead of vase, Jessica was struck by a car and almost killed.” In this sentence, the inflection on 'vase' and vase gives one the implication of a young adult just beginning to move into a cosmopolitan worldview. Her physical age is unimportant. After all, grace finds some in childhood, others in old age, and not at all for a great many. Saying that Jessica was 28 would not suffice.

    But hey, at least they aren't floating heads, right?

  • TheTrickster

    This minimalist poster thing is getting old pretty fast.

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