December 18, 2014 
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Collider Exclusive: ‘Snakes’ Back on the Plane!
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Collider Staff

Posted by Mr. Beaks



Once and, surely, future Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson went vehemently on the record at The Man junket Sunday, assuring reptile and aviation enthusiasts the world over that the New Line production currently sporting the hopelessly drab title Pacific Air 121 will indeed be rechristened Snakes on a Plane before its hugely anticipated release date on August 18th, 2006.  Here’s our exchange in its entirety:


Beaks:  One of those films that you’re working on right now is... well, it’s called "Pacific Air 121"


Jackson:  Snakes on a Plane, man!


Beaks:  Exactly.


Jackson:  We’re totally changing that back.  That’s the only reason I took the job:  I read the title.


Beaks:  Snakes on a Plane!  That’s everything!


Jackson:  You either want to see that, or you don’t.


Beaks:  And how are those snakes?  Besides being on a plane?


Jackson:  Some of them are aggressive, some of them are cool.  They’re interesting to watch, and interesting to interact with.  It depends on what kind of snake it is.  One day, it took, like, four guys to bring in this 350 lb. Burmese Python.  We were all like, “Where’s that goin’?”  And I watched an Albino Cobra strike airplane seats the other day.  I watched it from another studio.  It’s actually been a fun show.  But we’re taking the name back! 


As someone who’s been a fan of the project since its inception, I can’t possibly put into words the thrill of listening to Samuel L. Jackson adamantly insist that a film in which he’s starring be titled Snakes on a Plane.  And he’s right!  When you hit upon a concept this sui fuckin’ generis, you are duty-bound to flaunt it in the film’s title.  Scuttling Snakes on a Plane would be like changing The Exorcist to Evil on the Second Floor, or The Godfather to Crooked Italians.  Like my boy Judge Brack said, “People don’t do such things.” 

Luckily, Sam Jackson is one of those people, and we can sleep peacefully knowing that Snakes on a Plane will arrive at a theater near you with its integrity fully intact.  Godspeed, sir!