USA Network, Story Set Up Pop-Up Shop for ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 in NYC

     June 8, 2016


With The Americans ending its absolutely staggering fourth season tonight, it’s just about time to looking forward to the next major premiere for 2016 in television, and that puts eyes squarely on Mr. Robot Season 2. There’s nothing even remotely like Mr. Robot on TV, and its first season was the most riveting and addictive television I saw in the entirety of 2015, a year that included the equally transcendent third and final season of Hannibal. With The Girlfriend Experience and The Americans at an end, Mr. Robot‘s second season comes rolling with very high expectations, and the news from the production has been largely very heartening.


Image via USA

In advance of the new season’s bow on July 13th, USA Network, a company that moved into far more estimable light with the acquisition of this show, has partnered with New York City’s Story to make a pop-up store based on the happenings of the first season and the struggle against Evil Corp. Fast Company reports that the shop, called Disrupt, is highlighted by an Evil Corp ATM which visitors are encouraged to attempt to hack, using clues that are scattered throughout the store. There are also props from the infamous Coney Island-set fsociety lair, which hosted quite a few crucial moments in the world of Rami Malek‘s hacker protagonist.

As Story founder Rachel Shectman points out, there’s merchandise that represents the four factions of the Mr. Robot world: the Founders, the Innovators, the Expressionists, and the Union of 1s. Most importantly, there’s a jacket modeled on the one that Christian Slater‘s character wears when he interacts with Malek’s hero, which I remember being pretty spiffy. I’m not entirely sure how comfortable I am with a show like Mr. Robot selling anything, even logo-only t-shirts and baseball caps. Still, I would be lying if I said that the materialistic side of me wasn’t somewhat interested in a Mr. Robot bottle opener. There, I said it!

Here are a few images from the Disrupt store, via Fast Company. You find more here.


Image via Fast Company/Story


Image via Fast Company/Story


Image via Fast Company/Story


Image via Fast Company/Story