MAMA Director Andy Muschietti in Talks to Direct MUMMY Reboot for Universal

     September 13, 2013


A replacement director has been found for Universal The Mummy reboot after Len Wiseman departed the project a couple of months ago, and it’s a pretty exciting choice. Wiseman cited scheduling issues as the reason for his departure, which seemed to hint that Universal was keen on moving forward with The Mummy as quickly as possible.  Their director search now looks to have come to a close, as THR reports that Mama director Andy Muschietti is now in talks to take the helm of the pic, which reinvisions the classic Universal horror character in modern day.  Further details are under wraps, but Prometheus scribe Jon Spaihts penned the script.

Muschietti was hand-picked by producer Guillermo del Toro to expand his own short film into a feature with Mama, and the horror pic was a nice success for Universal, tallying up $146 million worldwide.  It’s exciting to see that a talented and creatively hungry filmmaker has been chose for The Mummy, so hopefully he’s able to bring a fresh perspective to the material that will make this redo worthwhile.

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  • DNAsplitter

    I’m glad Universal brought in a director who actually made a “horror” film and not a goth action movie (Len Wiseman). I’m not bashing on Wiseman as a director but think his talents woud not fit this type of movie. Hopefully they make a real scary film and not go the indiana jones rip off route that the original 3 took w Brendan Fraiser.

    • anon

      Yeah, one of the great things about Mama was that it had some actual scares in it. So finger’s crossed for a good 2nd feature with Muschetti!

  • sense

    one of the script writers to the abysmal ‘Pro-homo-meateus’ dreck film? Not interested.

    Just bring Brendan Fraser back for Mummy 4 and 5. Mummy 3 left room for another one, Mummies in Peru I think.

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  • MoviesAreForever88

    I was glad to see Len Wiseman depart from this project because this is one reboot that needs a director who appreciates and truly understands the aesthetics that go into good filmmaking…..but this honestly isn’t much better! Mama was laughably bad…so this makes me wonder if the studio even begins to understand what this franchise needs.
    If they want to get a “up and coming” director who is REALLY friggin good…then they should have gotten Juan Antonio Bayona (the Orphanage/The Impossible). Now THERE is a talented filmmaker!

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