CBS Looking to Bring Back MURPHY BROWN for Election Season?

     April 30, 2012

It appears the resurrection of TV shows won’t be limited to Fox bringing back animated series like Family Guy or Comedy Central breathing new life into Futurama. At least that will be the case of Murphy Brown creator Diane English has her way as the writer is currently talking with CBS about potentially bringing back the series for just a few episodes during this election year. While at the TV Land Awards, English told TV Guide that she’s been talking to both the network and star Candice Bergen about coming back to TV for some political satire fun. She says, “We’re having a little conversation with CBS about a few episodes, and I think it’s possible. Candice knows about it, and we’re going to talk to her more in July once she wraps her Broadway play ['The Best Man.']“  Hit the jump for more.

Honestly, coming back for a few episodes seems like a bit of a gimmick, especially for a series that has been off the air for 14 years. Of course, the series did run for 10 seasons, so there’s likely an audience to take the bait. At the very least, CBS and their older viewer demographic seems like the best network despite being the home of the original series which follows a tough female television journalist and her co-workers and friends. Stay tuned.  Watch a clip from the show below:

  • M H

    Speaking personally, I grew up watching the show and I loved it, but none of my friends remember the show. I don’t know how realistic the idea of bringing it back is, even for a couple of episodes are, when a younger generation has no idea about the show, or the controversy it created when it first aired. Even when shows like the Gilmore Girls that came later, that mined some of the same territory, couldn’t have existed without it. Also Murphy Brown has only, as of yet, had one season of the show released on DVD. So how would the network remind people of the show? Once again speaking personally, I loved the show when it aired, and I would love to see what the characters have been up to in the years since going off the air, but it doesn’t seem feasible. Maybe a reunion movie would be a better choice?

  • Riley

    Wait, they would be making new episodes? I’m not sure how I feel about that, I hate this trend of resurrecting shows that have been off the air for a period of time just because they’re suddenly popular. And while I love Murphy Brown it’s not relative to this generation of TV, unfortunately, because not many people know about it and those that do remember it from the 90′s. Besides isn’t Eldin dead?

  • D. McHugh

    Fantastic show. One of the very last with “smart” comedy. Really intelligent and Diane English is a terrific writer. I’d love to seem them all come back with some really sharp pseudo election news coverage. I still don’t know why only one season was every released on DVD. It ran for nine years and Candace Bergen won 4 Emmy Awards for it.