Duncan Jones on ‘Mute’, Its Connection to ‘Moon’, Netflix vs. Theatrical, and ‘Warcraft 2’

Duncan Jones has been a pretty busy guy the last few years. His feature directorial debut Moon put him on the map back in 2009, then he stepped up to the mid-range budgeted Source Code for Summit Entertainment, and after that it was going full-blown studio blockbuster with Warcraft. But even while he was busy with those opportunities, there was a story on his mind that he was eager to bring to screen, and after 16 years, it finally happened.

Mute stars Alexander Skarsgard as Leo, a mute bartender who gets caught up in the dangerous underground scene in a futuristic Berlin. When his girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh) goes missing, Leo sets out to find her and along the way, he encounters an abundance of shady figures including Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux as two ex-military surgeons doing dubious work for local gangsters.

With Mute making its big debut on Netflix on February 23rd, Jones swung by the Collider Video studio to discuss the long journey from script to screen, the technology featured in the 2052 setting, his thoughts on the rise of streaming services and much more.

Image via Netflix

Duncan Jones:

Image via Netflix

Image via Netflix

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