Rumor: Could a NAMOR Movie Be Universal and Legendary’s Secret Project? [Updated: Is GODZILLA Screenwriter Max Borenstein Working on the Script?]

     May 15, 2014


Just yesterday, Universal Pictures announced they would be releasing the Legendary Pictures Untitled 2016 Event Project on Friday, November 4, 2016.  Pretty innocuous, right?  That is until you start to scroll through the lists of superhero properties that belong to certain studios but have yet to see the big screen.  Surprise, surprise!  Universal has managed to survive the mergers and acquisitions wars with one lone Marvel property intact: Namor the Sub-Mariner.  Now, Universal’s got plenty of their own IP to worry about, what with their monstrous reboots on the way, but their recent deal with Legendary suggests a superhero launch could be just over the horizon.  Hit the jump for more. [Update: We've added a comment from Godzilla screenwriter Max Borenstein, who could be scripting the secret project.]

namor-movieUpdate: In a recent interview with our own Christina Radish, Borenstein had the following to say:

Q: Do you have something you’ve finished writing that you know will be going into production next, or do you have a few things that you’re waiting to hear about?

BORENSTEIN:  We’ll see.  There is this secret project that I’ve been working on with the folks at Legendary, which I’m excited about.  I think there’s a decent shot of that [going into production].  I can’t get into details, but hopefully soon, it will hit the universe.

So keep in mind that his answer is neither confirmation of a Namor movie, nor that this is even the secret project in question.  The original story follows below:

The mysterious Universal/Legendary release date was announced yesterday, but the folks over at Latino-Review have postulated that a Namor film is in the works.  It would certainly make sense.  After partnering with Warner Bros. for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and the two most recent Superman movies (not to mention Watchmen, Jonah Hex, and Green Lantern), Legendary parted ways with the studio only to hook up with Universal.  This would also mean that in order to take advantage of the current hot box office ticket (ie Marvel movies), Legendary would be jumping from DC stories over to its competitor.

Aside from that, Latino-Review says that this project “is new and not a sequel or remake, though it may be based on underlying intellectual property.”  They rightly presume that that means the Universal Monsters aren’t involved (unless they plan to bring them all together on screen at once?).  Other possibilities include Hot Wheels, Brilliance, or the ambitious Mass Effect project.  Only the latter option rings true as an “event project” but a Namor adaptation would certainly qualify.  They also point out that WB has set a tentative May 5, 2017 release date for Justice League, which is likely to include DC’s own wet wonder, Aquaman.  Perhaps Universal will beat them to the punch with Namor, much like Marvel Comics did with the character’s origins themselves.  Chalk this one up as rumor at the moment, but with Sony milking Spider-Man for all he’s worth, and Fox stepping up its mutant universe, I’m almost certain that someone at Universal has at least had a Namor discussion.  (I’m less sure that the Lionsgate folks are pitching a Man-Thing movie any time soon.)

  • DEADP00L

    HAHAHAAAA!!! If that winged-footed, Vulcan-hybrid, water-snorting, asshat-dresser of a manwhore can get a movie – WHY CAN’T I?!

    COME ON!

    Are they serious?!

    THIS guy?!

    Horse poo poo!

  • Heytherebro

    Tobey Maguire for Namor.

    • Random Bystander


  • Ashtalon

    I don’t think Universal still has the Namor rights. Maybe someone can ask Feige at the next Marvel press event. I guess it depends on when Universal optioned Namor. They certainly can’t sit on the rights forever without ever producing a Namor film. It could be an interesting reason why Legendary and WB parted ways. Or Legendary trying to fill the void of no longer working on DC properties.

    • Dave Trumbore
      • Ashtalon

        Interesting. There’s gotta be an expiration to their option, though. Namor without being able to interact with the rest of the Marvel universe just doesn’t seem as interesting. Granted, Universal could strike a deal with Disney for their characters to interact.

      • Bob

        Honestly sounds kinda cool. Just focus it on Namor and Atlatis and thats more than enough. Not everything has to be a shared universe.

  • JBug

    what other reboots its universal so busy with?

  • Bob

    Yes! Would be so amazing. Can you imagine the possible special effects?

    I nominate Manu Bennet for the role.

    Secondary choices include Gerald Butler, Eric Bana, Liam McIntyre, and Jason Momoa.

  • Jamie

    Come on, guys. Feige himself said that Marvel Studios regained the rights to Namor.

    • Oliver Queen

      NO, actually Feige himself said that Namor is in a weird place where he’s not quite sure how his rights work in the sense that they have not been reverted back to Marvel but has confirmed that Universal still owns Namor and is the 3rd of the three studios that own non-MCU properties. I watched and listened to this interview with my own eyes and ears and it was a pretty fresh interview from a few months back, so i don’t know where you heard this but it’s false.

  • Jason Reichow

    If Universal is smart and wants a Namor movie to succeed, they would work with Marvel and Disney and have it be part of the MCU.

    • Kelsey

      Universal wants to make money. Why would they ever want to share profits with another studio over the sole Marvel character they own the rights to. Fanboys never understand the business side of things. “Why can’t Fox just give the rights back to Marvel?” Because if you were the executive, would you want to throw away a cash cow?

      • Jason Reichow

        I do understand the business side of things, but that really only applies to Fox and Sony since they already have proven cash cow franchises. Universal on the other hand has an unproven property based on a character that is nowhere near as popular as X-Men and Spider-man. If they want to make any money at all, they would work with Marvel since shared profits is better than no profit.

  • roster

    i am not writing that zac efron is the best actor for the part, but i do think zac efron looks a lot like namor and young enough to carry on multiple films. he is a big enough name to be a marvel leading man and i think a quality director (pretty consistent with marvel directors) could make it interesting. introduce namor in another franchise (Thor 3, Hulk) and let that appearance build up to a solo movie.

    • Lex Walker

      Also, and I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of this idea, but he and Disney parted on fairly good terms from what I remember (as opposed to other former Disney stars who went really risque/rebellious).

  • Jackie Mason

    I never heard of Namor but he looks cool.

    • DEADP00L

      No. I look cool. He dresses in a green junk tight speedo with dove wings on his ankles that flap and make him fly.

      That’s not cool.

      • Nope

        Why you keep staring at his speedo, dude

      • DEADP00L

        They remind me of sushi!

      • Agent Gorman

        remind you of big sushi balls in yur mouth you mean

        plus you like them salty

      • DEADP00L

        It’s like you have no idea who I am. I am all about CHIMICHUNGAS!

      • Chick Chicka Chicka

        Dude you’re not getting your own movie. I mean, do you think anyone really wants to see you keep breaking the fourth wall and talk through the screen like Ferris Bueller with that “Oh Yeah” music pumping in the background? Pllllpppppttt.

      • DEADP00L

        Unholy liver spot thinking!!! I’d only break that wall when shit hits the fan. I am fully capable of lying my ass off — I mean acting!

  • cloud720

    As marvels first mutant; i imagine that namour will make his way into the next xmen movie now. Although, i would imagine thatbfox only has the rights to mention his mutant half. So what would he be if not the king of atlantis?

  • Mr. Calzon

    Are we ready for a speedo wearing superhero?

  • eternalozzie

    That would be a tough world to recreate … maybe they could borrow a Gungan CGI city from LucasFilm.

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