Natalie Portman to Play Lady Macbeth Opposite Michael Fassbender in MACBETH

     April 30, 2013

Yesterday, we reported the exciting news that Michael Fassbender was set to lead a new screen adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s Macbeth.  We also reported that talks were “underway with at least one Hollywood leading actress,” to play the role of Lady Macbeth.  Today, Screen Daily is reporting that the actress is Natalie Portman, and she has agreed to take the part.  Directed by Justin Kurzel (The Snowtown Murders) and written by Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff, the adaptation will take place in the 11th century, and will “be a visceral approach to the story including significant battle scenes.”  This will be the second collaboration between Fassbender and Portman.  The two co-starred in Terrence Malick‘s upcoming film about the Austin music scene.  They were set to reunite on Jane Got a Gun, but Fassbender dropped out shortly before filming began.  Although Portman is a producer on that film, it looks like there’s no bad blood between the two.

But as we mentioned yesterday, don’t expect Macbeth to hit the fast track just yet.  It still needs to be shopped out to buyers, and just as Fassbender and Kurzel have busy schedules, Portman is circling the biopic Jackie, the gun-running thriller Code Name Sasha, and the drama Last Witness.  She’ll next be seen in Thor: The Dark World.


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  • Barbafella

    Count me and the wife in on this.Something for everyone.

  • terrorbegriden

    Very interesting choice if she pulls it off. Certainly not typecasting. Little worried about the accents, though, if they go full Scot.

    • Gus

      I’m an actor,learning an accent it’s easy,specially with all the commodities that Hollywood’s actors have…Besides Natalie Portman is very dedicate to preparing her roles,like Black Swan Aronofsky asked her to lear basic ballet moves,but it was her idea to get 24/7 ballet coach and also was her idea to lose al that weight to look more like the character.

  • tornadovictory

    they don´t need writers god damned, they already have the greatest script!ift it wasn´t for justin kurzel (watch the snowtown murders if you dare) and fassbender who might be the best of his generation i would give it a pass and stick with polanskis brillant version.

    • The Destroyer

      No, even though they already have Shakespeare’s script, they still need writers to come in and edit the script so that it will flow like a movie, and not like a play. Basically they need to turn a stage play script with stage directions into a screenplay. Film making 101.

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