Nathan Fillion Talks MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, the STAR WARS Sequels, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, PERCY JACKSON, Comic-Con, Twitter, and Much More

     June 13, 2013


Joss Whedon’s contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is now playing in theaters.  The micro-budget film was completed in just twelve days at his house, and stars Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Fran Kranz, Jillian Morgese, Clark Gregg, Tom Lenk, Ashley Johnson, Reed Diamond, Riki Lindhome, Sean Maher, and Nathan FillionFor more on the film, here is Matt’s review and all our previous coverage which includes clips, posters, and images.

During the recent L.A. press day, I landed an extended video interview with Fillion.  He talked about making Much Ado, the complicated dialogue, if he agrees to whatever Joss Whedon asks of him, Twitter, what he geeks out over, his thoughts on the Star Wars sequels, the idea of appearing as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in another movie as a cameo, and more.  In addition, he talks about his voice role for Monsters University and his Pixar fandom, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and his appreciation for star Logan Lerman, Justice Leage: The Flashpoint Paradox, and reveals he’ll be at Comic-Con next month for Nerd Machine.  Hit the jump to watch.

much-ado-about-nothing-nathan-fillionNathan Fillion Time Index:

  • 0:30 – Talks about Twitter (@NathanFillion) and how he got involved with it, thanks to Felicia Day.
  • 2:15 – Answers just how quickly he says, “Yes,” when Joss Whedon calls him for a project.
  • 3:35 – Talks about how he prepared for Much Ado about Nothing and how his process changed for Shakespeare.
  • 5:40 – Comments on how he broke down the material for his role and how much of the play he memorized.
  • 6:25 – Reveals the geeky things he loves to search out at Comic-Con including robes, cooking aprons and more.
  • 7:30 – Comments on the new Star Wars sequels, how he looks at the casting process and his thoughts on J.J. Abrams being at the helm.
  • 9:35 – Talks about the idea of appearing as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in another movie as a cameo.
  • 10:25 – Talks about his voice role for Monsters University and his fandom for Pixar, his time on Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and his appreciation for star Logan Lerman, and his voice role in the new Justice League movie, Justice Leage: The Flashpoint Paradox.
  • 12:35 – Reveals he’ll be appearing at Comic-Con this year for Nerd Machine.


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  • Evan

    Fillion is so natural in interviews. No bullshit whatsoever.

    • Grayden

      Couldn’t agree more. Seems like a genuinely cool guy.


    He’d make a great son of Solo, maybe an older brother to the twins? And maybe more of a gun slinger than a Jedi.

    And i agree, what nice bloke! Humble, witty and switched on. He was great in Slither.

  • Joseph M

    Be good to see the big man in the next Star Wars.

  • Vincent

    awesome dude, cant rly say the same anymore about Castle.

    • munigant

      Yeah, with apologies to Castle fans, I would really like for that show to finish its run. I enjoyed first seasons and thought it was refreshing and pretty original for its format, but now the writers seem to have completely lost inspiration. It’s getting increasingly more mediocre and even the Fillion of it all got lost somewhere in the way. I would love to see him freed to do something different. Along with Seamus Dever, by the way, whom I found out on Castle and became a fan.

  • Mamua

    Interesting that he doesn’t want to be the guy who pressures his employer.

  • lolman1c

    Mr. Fillion sounds like a really cool guy. I love his work and he always has an aura of a nice guy. You are very lucky to speak with him!