Nathan Fillion Still Has Mad Love for His FIREFLY and SERENITY Fans

     October 28, 2009


“Castle” is one of the most depressing shows on television right now.  It’s not because of the show itself which is just a generic cop show except Fillion is a crime fiction writer and he gets to have “Moonlighting”-type banter with his co-star Stana Katic.  It’s because “Castle” is just a bad show and Fillion is so much better than the material.

However, for 35 glorious seconds, this week’s episode of “Castle” was amazing as Captain Malcolm Reynolds re-emerged…or Fillion’s character Richard Castle dressed as a “space cowboy” for Halloween.  You’ll see that even though it breaks the fourth wall like it was tissue paper, Fillion still has a lot of love for the character and for the fans (like myself) that continue to love the character.  Hit the jump to check out the clip and keep flying.