Director Jon Turteltaub Talks NATIONAL TREASURE 3; Thinks They’ll be Shooting Within Two Years

     October 22, 2013


There’s been talk about a possible third National Treasure film for the last couple of years, with both producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Jon Turteltaub saying that a script is being worked on.  And with as well as the first two films did, it would seem like a no-brainer to get into production.

So, when Collider got the opportunity to speak with Turteltaub about his latest film, the comedy Last Vegas (due out in theaters on November 1st), I took the chance to ask him for an update on the status of National Treasure 3, and he’s definitely still hopeful that it will happen within the next couple of years.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

national_treasure_3_jon_turteltaub_jerry_bruckheimerCollider:  There was talk about National Treasure 3 hitting theaters for Christmas 2011, and now it’s just about Christmas 2013 and the film hasn’t been shot yet.  Why has that been so difficult to get going, when it should be such a no-brainer?

JON TURTELTAUB:  If you can write the script, we’ll take it!  It’s so damn hard to write a great historical mystery based on fact.  It’s not for lack of trying.  We want to do the movie.  Disney wants to do the movie.  We’re just having the damnedest time, writing it.

Do you think it’s something that will still happen?

TURTELTAUB:  I do.  I’ll bet that within two years, we’ll be shooting that movie. 

Are you close to being ready?

TURTELTAUB:  We’re closer.  I’d say we’re about half-way there.  It’s not only writing a great historical mystery, but we’ve gotta write something that has nothing to do with anything we’ve done before.  The goal is to always have an original sequel, as silly as that sounds.  We really want to make sure that the third one doesn’t just feel like a repeat of the first one, or one too many.

Look for our full interview with Turteltaub soon, and click here for all our previous coverage on the National Treasure franchise.


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