NBC Officially Cancels UNDERCOVERS But Orders Two More Episodes of COMMUNITY

     November 4, 2010


Though NBC ordered four more scripts for their romantic action comedy series Undercovers, it looks like it was all for naught. Deadline reports the network has canceled J.J. Abrams hour-long series optioning not to pick up anymore episodes beyond its initial 13 episode order. Apparently the series will stay on for two more weeks and air its last completed episode on December 1st. It’s unclear what will happen with the episodes currently in production (episode 12 is currently filming). This is only the second show NBC axed along with the pitiful legal drama Outlaw while all the other series got full season orders.

On the lighter side, Deadline also reported that Community got an additional order for two more episodes, bringing their second season order to 24 episodes. If we live in a world where a mediocre action comedy gets the can while a stellar comedy series like Community continues to thrive, well then something must be going right. Anyone disappointed about Undercovers cancellation or excited about more Commnunity?


  • edweirdohh

    thank god for community ! in the words of Britta, “i love me some abed.” NBC needs to change the time slot with Outsourced though, so the fan base can grow some more.

  • http://twitter.com/Jase_Ellis Jason Ellis

    :( I liked Undercovers. I at least hope they tie up all the loose ends to do with why they were really brought back into the field.

  • Keppthechange

    stoked about Community…..best comedy on nbc by far.
    Now just waiting for the good Fringe news?

  • Keppthechange

    stoked about Community…..best comedy on nbc by far.
    Now just waiting for the good Fringe news?

  • http://twitter.com/VerasGunn Justin Brogan

    Thank god, Undercovers is a horrible TV show.

  • “community organizer”

    COMMUNITY is the BEST comedy on TV right now. This is the best show for people under 30 in my opinion. They cannot let this show go its the best.

    Undercovers was such a lackluster show I think Abrams was on crack when he did this show!!!

  • Tabhunter

    Community blows! How it ever made it to a second season is beyond me. I stopped watching after last season because it lacked the one basic essential element needed for a half-hour sitcom — comedy!

    • http://twitter.com/grapenutsrbt Jim Goff

      I can’t imagine what you find funny then. Community is brilliant.

    • Landry J

      I recently read an article which cited that the risk / reward comedy of Community is based in the speed, sophistication, and subtleness of the jokes. And that most of the people who find the show “unfunny”, either don’t have the pop culture knowledge base to understand the jokes or miss the jokes completely because of the pace and subtle delivery in the show. Upon reviewing the show and being informed of the jokes, most people changed their initial opinions. So… Tabhunter, Too fast or too smart?

    • Steve

      I completely disagree. Community is hilarious, and it’s one of the most original comedies I’ve seen. The characters are perfect and the writing is amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/batesmotel44 Ken Bates

    i misread the title for a sec and thought it said that Communit was canceled, i just about cried. Community is my favorite show just about ever. i hope them calling for more episodes means theyre going to renew it. then again they did that to Uncercovers and that got the can…

  • http://apatheticconfessional.com CBlues

    More excited about the extra episodes Community to be honest…

  • Amber

    Love that NBC is giving Community a chance. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a big hit for NBC.

    • DylanD

      Thank god, Community is Golden!! I agree with OP put community after Office where it belongs to boost numbers, Outsourced is bad, Community is Amazing!!

  • Jaiee6

    please help save the show by signing the petition and letting NBC know how you feel http://www.petitiononline.com/Undr9078/petition.html keep spreading the word!!

  • Jaiee6

    please help save the show by signing the petition and letting NBC know how you feel http://www.petitiononline.com/Undr9078/petition.html keep spreading the word!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CZYP72HGDAIGSQCTJULGPXPYJI Yvette

    I think this show should be kept on. I really enjoy it. It is the only reason I watch NBC on Wednesday nights. NBC should reconsider.

  • Steve

    Community is my favorite show on TV. I think it would be wise for NBC to move it as right now it’s competing against the more established “Big Bang Theory” on CBS. Put it on after The Office or 30 Rock and watch the fan-base grow.

  • Sarah


    I just think that it wasn’t promoted the best that it could be. 1st, who watches a show that is on Wednesday at 8pm. This wasn’t planned properly. Also, I don’t think that it was promoted as much as it should have been. I really enjoyed the last episode because I felt like the episodes were getting more and more action filled.

    To be fair, if they brought more suspense in between the episodes by ending the hour without solving the crime I think it would bring more people in. Overall I think its a great show! Just change the time. I had to watch it on demand because I wasn’t home.

  • SassyLassie

    Until “Human Target” started airing on Wednesday, there was nothing on television Wednesday night. Do you know how badly a show has to suck to be cancelled with absolutely no competition? J.J. Abrams does, because “Undercovers” was absolutely horrible! I can’t wait until they burn off the remaining episodes. It disgusts me that such an awful show remained on the air for so long! The lead actors had zero chemistry and churned out dreadful performances. It’s sad when the supporting cast overshadows the (gag) “stars!”

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