NBC Developing Delightful-Sounding Show with BORAT Director Larry Charles

     November 15, 2009


It may be struggling with its lack of quality dramas and the albatross that is The Jay Leno Show, but when it comes to comedy, no one can touch NBC.  The Office may have grown a tad stale, but their Thursday nights have the killer combo of 30 Rock and Community.  Now it looks like another fantastic sitcom could be headed the network’s way with former-Seinfeld writer and Borat director Larry Charles at the helm of a delightful premise about fanboys who decide that instead sitting shiva for their favorite canceled TV show they’ll just make it themselves.  Hit the jump for details.

larry_charles_01.jpgAccording to Variety, Charles would write, exec produce and direct and untitled semi-script sitcom centering on a group of sci-fi fanboys in a small town who shoot their own version of a canceled TV show.  I love that.  It’s beyond the traditional fanboyism of online devotion, fan fiction, eternal mourning of the show’s passing, and throwing on a costume for various conventions.  It’s taking another person’s story and using imagination to not only replicate it, but expand on it, all in your own backyard.  It reminds me of those kids who spent seven summers re-creating Raiders of the Lost Ark except this time it would be a new version rather than a shot-for-shot recreation.  However, those Raiders guys never had the benefit of affordable digital camcorders and Final Cut Pro.

Not only is there a great premise at work, but I have a lot of faith in Charles.  When it comes to directing non-scripted or semi-scripted material, you have to trust your actors’ ability to improve as well as know when to push for reaction shots.  It’s a looser environment but in some ways it requires even more effort than a tightly structured scene where the director can control every element.  This sounds like a great pairing of creator and material and I hope it lives up to its potential.


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