• Norm

    I don’t think that bothers me a whole lot. For one thing it seems that more than a few cult shows have done well on Friday, maybe not “six seasons and a movie” good, but I’d imagine it’d be close. Plus doesn’t Community square off against Big Bang Theory at the current timeslot? With them no longer having to compete with the OTHER geek-centric, pop-culture-heavy tv comedy things might look up. Still, I’ll miss that two hour block of comedy on thursdays.

  • Jesus

    I want to kill whoever wrote those blurbs. That’s some of the most painful PR crap I’ve ever read.

  • THomas K.

    What is NBC’s problem?
    Why can’t they make Thursday 8:30 Parks and Rec, 9 Office, 9:30 Community?
    And put Up All Night on Friday.
    Like Joel McHale said, if the show had a lead in on a prime time it would have a large audience. I agree with him.

    • THomas K.

      Also, wish they would of renewed Bent.
      Was a great show.
      I recommend you guys watch it on Hulu.
      Kinda reminds me of the Jeff and Britta dynamic threw the first two episodes.
      Jeffrey Tambor kills it threwout the show too.

  • kal

    I’m hoping TBS capitalizes on another NBC mistake and picks up community for season 5… Imagine all the cougar town cross-over potential

  • Henry Pym

    This is why NBC is the WORST TELEVISION STATION OUT OF THE MAIN 4! It does stupid crap like 13 episode seasons, and makes crap pilots. STOP BEING FRICKIN’ STUPID, NBC!

    • Lizard King

      13 episode seasons are not unheard of on any channel. Lost got a 14 episode season on ABC. Futurama, Arrested Development, AND The Simpsons got a 13 episode season on Fox. Alphas got an 11 episode season on Syfy. Psych gets 16 episode seasons on USA. Game of Thrones gets a 10 episode season on HBO. Dexter gets 12 episode seasons on Showtime. South Park gets 14 episode seasons on Comedy Central. Great shows can do well with fewer episodes.

      • monkey

        Well, that’s not the same thing. Dexter and Game of Thrones had 12 and 10 episodes from the beginning and Lost got a 14 episode season because of the writers strike. I don’t know about the other shows you listed though. As for Community this only seems like an easy way to syndication.

  • nickp

    I feel like I need to call someone at NBC and complain about moving “Community” to Friday

  • jasperwolf

    Revolution pitch meeting: A pretty white family (who caused the end of the world) survives the apocalypse and becomes sad and separated trying to fix it.
    The bad guys are Black, Latin, and Asian.

    NBC: Awesome. Now, did we profile all the races?

    • aaronsullivan

      It is partly about this family and they are “white” I guess so that makes the number of stars in that category higher than the others, but writing off the others as “bad guys” is likely WAY oversimplified. JJ Abrams and Eric Kripke are all about turning expectations on their heads and delving deep into the motivations of characters that many suppose are simply “bad”. So, yeah. Thanks for the hollow but racially charged rant. That’s what the internet needs, I guess.

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  • /tv/

    Why do Americans always announce the schedule with days but no dates?

    Ok, it’s in the fall, but is it September? October? November? The 10th? 20th?

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  • jer

    Up all night and Whitney are the worst shows ever, they should be canceled outright, Community back to Thursday, and plaf BFF and Bent on Fridays, this network stuff is not that hard.

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