NBC Passes on Dwight Schrute’s THE OFFICE Spinoff THE FARM

     October 29, 2012


Though NBC’s long-running comedy series The Office is coming to an end after this season, some fans were comforted by the fact that a spinoff centered on Rainn Wilson’s Dwight character was in the works, providing hope for more Office-related material once the show had come to an end.  Well, it looks like the series finale of The Office really will be the end after all, as Wilson revealed today that NBC decided to pass on the pilot for the spinoff series The Farm.  Hit the jump for more.

Wilson broke the news via his Twitter account today:


The story follows Dwight as he runs a bed and breakfast inn, and an upcoming episode of The Office was set to act as a backdoor pilot (an episode that introduces new characters that are intended to star in a separate show) for the series ahead of its hoped-for debut next year.  Unfortunately, NBC decided not to move forward with the comedy before that Dwight-centered episode had even aired.  The new series was to star Wilson alongside Thomas Middleditch as Dwight’s brother and Majandra Delfino as his sister.  No word on when/if we’ll see the pilot.

[Update: Vulture has updated their story to note that The Farm pilot will still air as an episode of The Office later this season, as originally intended.]


  • Anon

    They should put it on the season 9 blu ray/dvd! That’d be a great selling pitch.

    • AlexHeyNa

      The pilot was an episode of The Office. It will air this season. What they did was make an episode about Dwight on his farm, and they were going to see how the ratings on that episode were. I guess they realized that the ratings on The Office itself aren’t good enough, so they’re skipping out on it altogether.

  • daveyboy

    As a very very big fan of The Office and a huge Dwight Schrute fan, I am glad they are passing. It just wasn’t a good idea. Dwight is too ridiculous, an entire show of him would just be trying too hard. It would be too forced.

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  • Eric Nixon

    This really surprises me, NBC is the network that picked up and ran a season of a JOEY spinoff… JOEY!!!!

    I figured they would have at least ordered a run of 13 episodes. Dane Cook’s show at least shot four episodes before NBC decided it was a terrible idea.

  • titan3

    series should have ended with Michael leaving… some interesting episodes afterwards but you can feel the writers/cast were trying just too hard to make it funny.

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