May 12, 2011


NBC joined Fox in the early pickup/renewal game last night with series orders for Whitney, Up All Night, Smash, and Prime Suspect.  So far, the news continues accentuate the positive — only renewals and more pilot pickups, no cancellations.  The most confident reports indicate NBC will renew Parenthood for a full third season order.

More circumstantial reports update on the fates of Chuck and Harry’s Law. This makes the fourth May in a row where Chuck has lived on the bubble, and somehow a fifth season is very much in the works.  The deal isn’t official, but all signs suggest Chuck will continue to brighten the airwaves through 2012 with a 13-episode order.  Meanwhile, NBC is expected to renew Harry’s Law for a second season.  This will give creator David E. Kelly something to do next year, since NBC has reportedly passed on his Wonder Woman pilot.

Details on series orders for The Playboy Club, Awake, and Grimm.

Synopses courtesy of THR.


The Playboy Club (formerly Playboy) – Amber Heard and Jenna Dewan star as bunnies in the Chicago Playboy Club during the 1960s.  Eddie Cibrian also stars.  Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) directed the pilot.  Chad Hodge (Tru Calling) wrote the script.

Awake (formerly REM) - Jason Isaacs stars as “a police detective who can’t let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a car crash.”  Cherry Jones and Wilder Valderrama.  This is creator Kyle Killen’s second attempt at network television after his Lone Star lasted just two episodes on Fox last fall.  David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) directed the pilot.

Grimm - David Greenwalt (Moonlight) and Jim Kouf (Ghost Whisperer) are in charge of the dark cop drama set in a world where the Brothers Grimm fairy tales exist.  Marc Buckland (My Name Is Earl).

The outlook is also very good for the sitcom Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea based on the book of the same name by Chelsea Handler.  Laura Prepon (October Road) stars.


  • mrbatmatt

    Ugh… As bad as it was guaranteed to be, I really wanted to see the WonderWoman pilot. Would have made for a great night of drinking and riffing I’m sure

  • Jazzy Jace

    Best news I’ve heard this week: Chuck gets season 5, NBC have canned the Wonder Woman pilot. Just goes to show that people in TV Land do take notice of negative response to a respected character. The TV series is dated (but charming) by today’s standards, sure; but Linda Carter looked like WW in physical and facial form too (in other words, a Goddess!) Still think Eliza Dushku would’ve been the better choice for the reboot (Joss Whedon’s probably saying: “Told you so!”) and Catherine Zeta Jones for the big screen version.

    • Wladi

      zeta jones for the big screen version? u kidding right?, she doesn’t have the amazon vibe of Woder Woman, she’s just one of the many Hollywood pretty faces around and she’s too old…

  • Zachrifice

    What’s the reasoning behind having a show that is not only starring Amber Heard, but also revolving around Playboy and putting it on network TV instead of HBO? that sounds like the most idiotic move for a television series ever imagined.

    I’m not even curious enough to check it out simply because of that factor.

    • Zachrifice

      before anyone responds by saying ‘well, its not all about naked women’ – you’re wrong. Playboy is ALL about naked women haha

  • Kenny B

    Wasn’t there talk about NBC trying turn the tides back to the good ol NYPD Blues day. Where we could see a butt/ass/lumps/pudunkadunk, and simply avoid controversy by covering our child’s eyes and ears if we feel necessary?

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