Watch Full Trailers for New NBC Drama Series CHICAGO FIRE and J.J. Abrams’ REVOLUTION

     May 14, 2012


Yesterday NBC announced their new line-up for Fall 2012, and in addition to moving Community to a Friday timeslot (boo), the network also announced their slate of new series.  We included clips from said series in that post, but today NBC has posted trailers for all their new series.  These trailers give us a better sense of what to expect from the shows overall as opposed to the clips, and in this story we’ve included the trailers for two of NBC’s new drama series: Revolution and Chicago Fire.

Revolution comes from executive producer J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and takes place in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist.  The show stars David Lyons (The Cape), Billy Burke (Twilight) and Giancarlo Esposito and certainly has a strong premise.  Moreover, Jon Favreau directed the pilot.  We’ve also got the trailer for Chicago Fire, starring Jesse Spencer (House) and Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries).  The series comes from Law & Order creator Dick Wolf and follows the lives of firemen in Chicago.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer, and click here to watch the trailers for NBC’s new comedies.

revolution-tv-show-imageHere’s the synopsis for Revolution:

Our entire way of life depends on electricity. So what would happen if it just stopped working? Well, one day, like a switch turned off, the world is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. And without any modern technology, who can tell us why? Now, 15 years later, life is back to what it once was long before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down lanterns and candles are lit. Life is slower and sweeter. Or is it? On the fringes of small farming communities, danger lurks. And a young woman’s life is dramatically changed when a local militia arrives and kills her father, who mysteriously – and unbeknownst to her – had something to do with the blackout. This brutal encounter sets her and two unlikely companions off on a daring coming-of-age journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future. From director Jon Favreau (“Iron Man,” “Iron Man 2”) and the fertile imaginations of J.J. Abrams (“Lost,” “Person of Interest”) and Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”), comes a surprising “what if” action-adventure series, where an unlikely hero will lead the world out of the dark. Literally. The series stars Billy Burke (“The Twilight Saga”), Tracy Spiridakos (“Being Human”), Anna Lise Phillips (“Terra Nova”), Zak Orth (“Romeo + Juliet“), Graham Rogers (“Memphis Beat”), J.D. Pardo (“A Cinderella Story”), Giancarlo Esposito (“Breaking Bad”), David Lyons (“The Cape”), Maria Howell (“The Blind Side”), Tim Guinee (“Iron Man”) and Andrea Roth (“Rescue Me”). Kripke, Abrams, Favreau and Bryan Burk (“Lost,” “Star Trek”) serve as executive producers. “Revolution” is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Bad Robot Productions, Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was directed by Favreau.

chicago-fire-tv-show-imageHere’s the synopsis for Chicago Fire:

No job is more stressful, dangerous or exhilarating than those of the Firefighters, Rescue Squad and Paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. These are America’s everyday heroes — the courageous men and women who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way. But the enormous responsibilities of the job also take a personal toll. Big reputations and hefty egos, coupled with the pressure to perform and make split-second decisions, are bound to put squad members at odds. When a tragedy claims one of their own, there’s plenty of guilt and blame to go around. In the middle of a divorce, Lt. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer, “House M.D.”) tries to go about business as usual but can’t help butting heads with the brash Lt. Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney, “The Vampire Diaries”) of the Rescue Squad – and each blames the other for their fallen team member. When it’s “go-time” though, they put aside their differences and put everything on the line for each other. “Chicago Fire” is a look inside one of America’s noblest professions. Also starring are Eamonn Walker (“The Messenger”), Charlie Barnett, (“Law & Order: SVU”), David Eigenberg (“Sex and the City”), Monica Raymund (“The Good Wife”), Lauren German (“Hawaii Five-O”), Teri Reeves (“Three Rivers”) and Merle Dandridge (“Sons of Anarchy”). “Chicago Fire” is produced by Universal Television and Wolf Films. Emmy Award-winning creator/ producer Dick Wolf (“Law & Order” brand), Derek Haas (“3:10 to Yuma”), Michael Brandt (“3:10 to Yuma”), Peter Jankowski (“Law & Order” brand) and Danielle Gelber serve as executive producers. Haas and Brandt wrote the pilot, which was directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff (“Homeland”). From renowned Emmy-winning producer Dick Wolf and the writing team behind “3:10 to Yuma” comes an edge-of-your-seat view of a dirty job that often means the difference between life and death.

  • aromcath

    So let me get this strait … we have melodramatic campy science fiction, something that has traditional failed network TV for over a decade aside from one or three projects. And the other take away was to rip off Rescue Me and strip out the no bullshit crass storytelling and language in favor of a House style overly worded witticism …

    I’m calling it NBC will be forced to liquidate their assets in less then three years.

    • aromcath

      Also one other thing I missed, why is NBC ripping of Bioware’s Mass Effect music cues?

      Also someone explain to the creators of Revolution science doesn’t work that way. You can’t subvert physics just so you can make your kinda bad TV premise even worse.

      • jasperwolf

        Authentic physics, or science overall for that matter, has always been suborned for the sake of entertainment. Ironic that science has given entertainment the means to misrepresent or wholly ignore it? Not really, it’s all about the corporations taking your money any way they are able, with any tool they can use.

  • Phoenix

    Another JJ Abrams produced show that should be a short series. When will they learn that shows like Revolution, Awake and The Event should be told in 10 to 13 episodes and have it be just as amazing as the short series that HBO premieres?

    Revolution looks interesting but it will probably won’t find the audience it needs to finish telling the story and be canceled midway through the first season, leaving anyone who invested their time into it without any closure.

  • BeenBag

    I’m kinda relieved that they both look like shit. I already have too many TV shows to watch and keep up with.

    • emily

      lol well and i’m a little disappointed that they do because i don’t have enough to watch.

    • 2Hilarious

      You’re damn right. There’s tons of series right now and more to come next year. Some of those will shut down…
      Fact is there’s too many to watch even recording them is not enough.

      But we’ll still try to find some time for the fist episode before judging it right…

  • John

    Maybe instead of having J. J. Abrams start a new show he should just get Fringe a different air time and continue with that.

  • DJ

    Geez, network dramas are just embarrassing. Both of these shows will be canned mid-season.

  • dexter

    Rescue Me should never be fucked with.

  • Livy

    The concept behind this show makes no sense. How can guns work but cars don’t when they both work off the same concept of combustion? How does electricity in man-made machines fail but the electricity produced biologically in animals and people sill work? Batteries use chemistry to produce electricity like the biological means to breakdown food into energy in animals. It makes no sense!

    • dada

      answer to livy the cars need electricity to work but however the guns dont unless ur using some scope where you have to use a battery

      • Kyeld

        You can design a car without needing electricity.

    • Aaron

      My thoughts exactly Livy.

      I watched the Pilot episode last night, and it just didn’t make any sense to me. Lets say even if electrons stopped moving, they still have combustion working for them in fires, candles, and guns. So they really should only be reduced to taking steam trains, steam cars, and hot air balloons instead of more medieval forms of transportation. Refrigeration would still be possible with absorption refrigerators like those found in RV’s. I think a more Steampunk society would come out of this type of event rather than the medieval type they are portraying.

      Just too many questions for me to enjoy the plot, or the story. I am interested to find out what their explanation for why “physics went nuts” is though.

  • AlexHeyNa

    The premise of Revolution is really cool. But I feel like they’re just gonna cancel it after the first season or two.

    It’s too low-concept to be a major network show. What ends up happening is the writing ends up being terrible because the general public (i.e., stupid people) need to be able to follow what’s going on. So it ends up sucking, and getting cancelled.


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  • Kermonk

    Revolution – what goes around comes around, as in cancellation – and quickly.

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