First Clip from Alexander Payne’s NEBRASKA Starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte

     May 14, 2013


Every year, I’m angry I don’t get to go to Cannes, but this year has really me pissed off.  The incredible line-up includes Inside Llewyn Davis, Only God Forgives, The Congress, The Bling Ring, As I Lay Dying, Blood Ties, All Is Lost, and more.  Nebraska, the new film from Alexander Payne (The Descendants), will be playing in competition, and the first clip has only added to my jealousy of this year’s festival-goers.  The plot enters on an aging alcoholic father (Bruce Dern) who decides to take a road trip from Montana to Nebraska to collect what he believes to be a million dollar Publisher’s Clearing House prize.  His estranged son (Will Forte) reluctantly agrees to accompany his father in order to keep him out of trouble.  There’s grimness to this clip where one of the father’s “friends” (played by Stacy Keach) tries to extort some money, and the son ends up learning an ugly truth.  Payne’s films have always had humor, but I’m curious to see how much it will factor in to his latest picture.

We’ll find out when the film screens at Cannes and the buzz begins.  Nebraska is slated to open in limited release on November 22nd.

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  • Matt

    This may sound like a dumb question, but does anyone know if this film was shot in color and transferred to b&w like The Man Who Wasn’t There or shot on a digital format?

    • payne’s dp

      It was shot in color, then digitally switched to black and white.

      • Matt

        that’s awesome! can’t wait for this movie…

  • TheIceJ

    Matt, you get a lot of comments about your writing style in these sections, and I’ve never felt the need to weigh in, but your description of this film is really good example of how annoying your writing can be.

    Your description of the film is almost exactly the same as the synopsis on IMDB, apart from where you added ‘what he believes’ regards the million dollar prize, clearly ruining a plot development.

    Gee, thanks.