NEED FOR SPEED Getting Last-Minute 3D Post-Conversion

     February 4, 2014


Well this is disheartening news.  Scott Waugh‘s Need for Speed, which looked like an entertaining, gritty, hardcore action film with an emphasis on practical stunts, is now getting a last-minute 3D post-conversion.  For those unfamiliar with the film, it chronicles a cross-country race against time as a blue-collar mechanic (Aaron Paul) who was framed for manslaughter by a wealthy, arrogant ex-NASCAR driver (Dominic Cooper) sets out for revenge in a high-stakes underground racing tournament.

Yesterday, Box Office Mojo tweeted ‘Need for Speed’ will now be released in 3D.  It’s unlikely the 3D post-conversion was always in the works since none of the marketing material, including this past Sunday’s Super Bowl spot, said the movie would be in 3D (something ads always seem proud to proclaim as if that’s still an exciting selling point).  There’s no word if Waugh will be overseeing the conversion.  Hit the jump for more.  Need for Speed opens March 14th.

With the exception of Gravity, it’s difficult to think of another film with a stellar 3D post-conversion.  At best, it’s unnecessary, and at worst, it’s a migraine-inducing eye-sore.  While the domestic demand for 3D has died down over the past couple of years, it’s currently fueling international sales, so we have to keep putting up with it.

However, the studio obviously knows this, so why are we only learning about this five weeks before the movie opens?  Clash of the Titans showed us what happens when you rush a conversion, and even if you make the argument that the technology and our ability to handle post-conversion 3D has advanced since then, I repeat: when was the last time you saw this handled well, especially so close to the release date?

The move for this late 3D post-conversion is disappointing, because the movie looked like it had potential.  Now, it looks like the studio is trying to inflate the opening weekend box office because they know that the picture’s quality isn’t enough to draw people into the theater.



  • DNAsplitter

    WTF? Any chance that this might have been a descent film was thrown out of the window. What a lame excuse for a quick cash grab by the studio for a film that really doesn’t have a need to be seen in 3-D. I get it when you have world traveling, CGI filled, space exploring, etc. type of films that can be enhanced w 3-D (pending if it was originally filmed that way) but this film was clearly not. This is the studios way to try and pad their losses as they are not entirely sure the film will perform to the level that they were expecting (Clash of the Titans anyone?).

    • KHW5

      WTF the first thing I said when I read the headline.

    • kilar

      While I agree they left it to the last minute to go 3D, how the hell does that affect the quality of the film, especially since it is already done and you can see it in 2D anyway?
      It’s piss poor planning, but doesn’t really affect the movie in any way, simply the options in which you can see it.

      • DNAsplitter

        It shows the studio has no confidence that their film will make enough profit and so charge an additional price for a needless 3D conversion that will come out most likely blurry as it was done at the last minute (just like Clash of the Titans). And if the only option is to see it in 3D then it screws the paying customer out of their viewing experience (and money).

      • kilar

        In my experience, no cinema I’ve ever seen only shows the 3D version. In fact there are almost always way more 2D sessions than 3D.
        But if the studio think the film sucks so want to slap 3D on to get some more money, how does that affect the 2D version? It doesn’t. The film still sucks in 2D.
        The only gripe you clowns can possibly make is that you might not get to see it in 2D at the exact time that suits you (this is a probably for every person who goes to the movies, so stop whiniing) Wether the film sucks is down to the film itself, not the 3D.

      • DNAsplitter

        Hmmmm… so you’ve been to most cinemas in the world? Congratulations on making such a bold statement. Because where I live they only now show films that are in 3D. So call me old fashion for being upset w a studio’s greed to milk out extra cash from their consumers for an inferior product of a blurry and darkened screen. More $ + crappy picture quality = a pissed off customer w a headache. It’s simple math.
        Also, regarding another subject matter, when you are insulting people it’s best to use proper punctuation and spelling. Words like “wether” are actually spelled “whether”. The H is silent. Clown.

      • kilar

        So you live in a 3D loving town, poor baby. Move you clown. Just up and move, it’s not really a big deal. Sell up and move to 2Dville, Chris Nolan is the mayor and gives out foot massages and handjobs like hotcakes.
        Thanks for picking up a typo, you are a marvel, no really you are.

      • DNAsplitter

        Thanks for the advice Douche Bigalow. As stimulating as this conversation is I’m over it.

      • kilar

        No problem Gonzo, lets do it again sometime.

  • Fabdex

    The 3D post-conversion will make the studio more money, but why blame them ? Any business will try to increase profits and, last time I looked, Hollywood studios are in it for the money. You can still see it in 2D, if 3D isn’t your cup of tea. And oh: one last thing. What potential do you see in that movie ? It looks terrible to me… And I don’t think Aaron Paul can do anything to save it.

    • Yahzee

      … wrong! Here if a movie is in 3D it’s most likely the only version available because stupid theater owners think everyone wants 3D. Wrong move by the studio and I guess I won’t have the chance to see this movie in theaters… oh well…

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    The studio heads knows that they have a turkey on their hand
    So why not try to maximize profits if you can

  • Ismet Tuğbey

    Why now? Why 5 month before :) Maybe it’s a Rumor… Hopefully.

  • Person

    So just don’t see it in 3D…

    • axalon

      While I completely agree with you, from what some people have said – especially in foreign countries – sometimes theaters make 3D the only option as it will bring in the most money.

      • Person

        Oh damn, didn’t know that. That totally blows then, the studios are infringing on artistic vision for purely financial gains. Can’t say I blame them, it is a business after all, but hopefully this kind of thing can come to an end soon.

        Is that the reason 3D continues to make such big money overseas, or do international audiences genuinely prefer 3D and are therefore only offered it? (Kind of a chicken-and-the-egg question.)

      • Julio Navas

        I´m from Ecuador, and 47 Ronnin and I, Frankenstein are only screened in 3D.

      • aditya

        Where I live, there is no option to see films in 2D if a 3D version exists. From recent memory, Hobbit and Gravity. Although the latter one was the only time I didn’t get a headache and enjoyed it.

        Maybe this is why 3D makes a lot of money outside US.

      • Aaron Sullivan

        For the very 3D adverse buy 2D glasses. They have the same polarization in each eye so you only see the flat version of the film.

        3D was so mishandled but I’m really enjoying it. Saw Frozen in 3D first and then 2D and I REALLY felt the missing 3D. The visuals were far less dramatic and interesting. Fortunately the movie is was great both times, but the lack of 3D was really felt by me and mine.

        In general, 3D post-conversion really is amazingly better; it’s ridiculously better now. Rushed is a problem no matter what we’re talking about however.

      • aditya

        Are you saying that there exist glasses that “negate” the 3D? That’s awesome. I need to get a pair.

      • Aaron Sullivan

        Yes. :) Google it with “2D glasses” or something like that. They don’t work in IMAX because IMAX glasses are vertical and horizontal polarization while everything else is circular polarization.

  • jay

    i swear i heard about this a few weeks ago but i couldnt find anything on the net to convince me that it was just a rumor. i always thought(and prayed) that there was a reason they never did this to the Fast and Furious franchise like it just doesnt work . i am interested in this movie but not in 3D.

  • alk

    Any day now we’ll be hearing they have to reshoot some things and 3D conversion will set them back another two months.(I mean they DO KNOW this is set for next month release, righttt?) I think it’s BS if they only offer this movie showing in 3D…i think audiences should boycott that and either demand a regular showing or not see it at all, and see the 3D strategy completely fall flat.

  • RecoveR

    Right, I for one am i fan of 3D, when people say that a movie has been “ruined” because its been converted to 3D is just ridiculous- it doesn’t change the story, doesn’t change the action sequences and doesn’t change the ability or decision to be able to watch the movie in 2D. I think the reason most people don’t like 3D is because they either have to wear the glasses, don’t have access to the tech at home or because they have to pay the extra couple of Pounds, Euros, Dollars etc to watch it in that medium. (Which no one is forcing you to, be grateful you have the choice?)

    I personally enjoy the experience 3D gives me, not just the fun gimmicky kind, but the way it can expand on the movie world, make it seem as if cgi “creatures” are actually there and often bring you into the movies world.

    Now the film itself, i’m interested in, although i am worried about the late conversion, as late conversions don’t tend to turn out very well. I guess i’ll be the judge when i see the movie in cinemas.

  • jason

    this doesnt mean anything about the movie


    I hate Hollywood

  • TimeTravelMan

    This is old news from Dec. Still coming out on March 14

  • Jamesy

    This just seems like a blatant money grab, fair enough if they had chose to film in 3D or made the decision to post to 3D in the beginning. I really don’t like 3D cinema, to me it just feels like nothing more than a gimmick. I haven’t sat through a 3D movie and thought wow that really made the experience much better, and I’ve seen movies in both 2D and 3D to test this and 2D always comes out best, with the exception of Gravity, that movies was MADE to be 3D and utilised it perfectly. But for the most part I find it actually does the opposite of what it’s intended to do, it takes you away and out of the movie instead of immersing you in the experience. It makes the CGI , whether it’s explosions, creatures or whatever appear much more fake, it feels gimmicky. But studios and theatres seem to be pushing for it purely because it makes more money, and more and more theatres are starting to show just 3D versions instead of giving you the choice of both. This really is the digital age, and I understand that, I get that it’s easier and cheaper to edit, film and distribute a movie that’s in digital form. But this is called FILM and I feel it should it remain that way, at least don’t let it die out completely. it’s coming to the point where theatres showing films in the traditional sense are becoming a “speciality” which is a genuine shame.

  • Jason Richards

    Shut up, Goldberg. When did you become a visual effects analyst. Shut up and view movies you bald prick.

  • The Flobbit

    This is absolutely needless. Nobody wants to see shoddy Cash of the Titans or Iron Man 3 3D. It ruins the film and detracts from the experience.

  • KHW5

    I WILL NOT PAY for 3D ,rip off.

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  • MatthewS

    This article proves that people don’t do their research on 3d anymore, and as a 3d fan, the ignorance and hate disgusts me. The fact that Waugh seems really excited about the 3d conversion shot my hype levels for the movie even more!