Neil Burger Wants to Resurrect BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

     June 16, 2009

bride_of_frankenstein_01.jpgWhen it comes to classic movie horror, you can’t do much better than James Whale’s “Frankenstein” and “Bride of Frankenstein”.  While the original varied highly from Mary Shelley’s original (and she never wrote a sequel although “Bride” begins with a fun framing device of having Ella Lancaster play Shelley and recite the story to her brother Percy and Lord Byron; Lancaster later plays the titular Bride), it’s a classic in its own right, full of humor, sadness, thrills, yet all very thoughtful and poetic.

Also, and I’ve said this before, but I could watch a 24-hour channel devoted to nothing but Frankenstein’s monster throwing people off of things.  Children off of bridges… Old women off of towers… The possibilities are endless.

Now writer/director Neil Burger is going to attempt to bring the Bride back from the dead with a remake set up at Universal and Imagine Entertainment.  According to THR’s Risky Biz Blog, Burger will co-write the script with writing partner Dirk Wittenborn.  However, Risky Biz doesn’t note where this project will fall in relation to Burger’s “Dark Fields” which previously had Shia LaBeouf attached before the actor dropped out due to injuring his hand.

As for “Bride of Frankenstein”, while I wouldn’t say I’m “excited” for a remake, I’m curious to see what Burger and Wittenborn would do with the concept.  Furthermore, even though it’s originally a sequel, I’m fairly certain that “Bride of Frankenstein” has ingrained itself enough into American culture in the last 74 years and that most folks won’t be crying, “Wait!  I never saw ‘Frankenstein’!  I’ll be totally lost!”  The larger concern is what happens to this project if Universal’s remake of another classic horror franchise, “The Wolf Man” starring Benecio Del Toro, doesn’t tear up the box office when it hits theatres this November.

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