Neil Marshall, Bryan Bertino, Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon – Exclusive Video Interviews

     August 6, 2007

Posted below are just about the last of my video interviews that were done at this year’s Comic-Con.But rather than post each one as an individual article, I decided to group them together as they were done at the same time.

The other reason why I wanted to post them all together is that each person is a writer/director of their project and they were all produced by the same movie studio – Focus/Rogue Pictures.

Anyway, Neil Marshall was promoting “Doomsday,” Bryan Bertino was promoting “The Strangers,” and Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon “Balls of Fury.” I think you’ll enjoy all of them, highlights of what was said are above each interview. Of course a big thank you to everyone at Rogue/Focus for giving me some time with each of the filmmakers!

Neil Marshall – Doomsday

- what’s his comic-con adventure been like.

- I ask what’s the status of the film right now – is it done, how’s the editing, etc.

- He talks about doing more in camera visual effects and also says he’ll have 120 effects shots.

- Neil talks about the story for Doomsday.

- Talks about filming in Cape Town and the challenges of on-location shooting.

- The casting process – he talks about getting “real movie stars” like Malcolm McDowell and Bob Hoskins.

- I ask what is his favorite McDowell movie.

Bryan Bertino – The Strangers

- Talks about Comic-Con.

- What he likes to geek out over.

- He talks about The Strangers – the story, casting Scott and Liv and more.

Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon – Balls of Fury

- I make an ass out of myself by asking if they’d ever attended before.

- They talk about being comic book fans.

- Balls of Fury talk.

- Talk about being on stage in front of 6,000 people.

- They talk about last year and having the guy attack them while on stage.

- Reno 911! Talk, The State DVD talk and more Balls of Fury talk.

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