Neill Blomkamp’s ELYSIUM Set 100 Years in Future; BLADE RUNNER Production Designer Syd Mead Joins Film [UPDATE: Sony Picks Up the Film for $120 Million]

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Elysium, the upcoming film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, is continuing to gain heat.  After casting Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and Sharlto Copley, the film is currently being pitched to various studios (with the exception of Disney, which won’t make expensive R-rated movies).  Deadline reports that Blomkamp is going from studio to studio with a storyboard presentation.  Also, while we knew the story (which is still being kept under wraps) would take place in the distant future and on another plantet, Deadline is reporting that the film takes place 100 years into the future, is “an unabashedly big movie”, and has the same social allegory of District 9.

Hit the jump for more details on Elysium including the hiring of Blade Runner production designer Syd Mead.

[Update: Sony has reportedly picked up the film for $120 million. Details below.]

Syd Mead, whose credits include not only Blade Runner but also Aliens and TRON, will design the sets for the movie.  Mead doesn’t work on a lot of films these days (his only credits in the past decade are Mission to Mars and Mission: Impossible III) , but he was impressed by District 9 and that encouraged him to join Blomkamp’s follow-up.

According to Deadline, the film will begin prep in April and start shooting in Vancouver this July before moving on to shoot in Mexico City in the fall.  Elysium is being set up for release in holiday 2012, but the release date decision ultimately falls to whichever studio decides to pick up the project.  Considering the talent already on board, I imagine we’ll be announcing a home for Elysium in the very near future.

[Update: Matt was right on target with that closing line.  Heat Vision reports Sony Pictures has preemptively picked up Elysium for an astounding $120 million, though insiders at the studio deny the number.  But if you had any doubt that Blomkamp would receive some serious funds to play with...]


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  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Tis movie is gonna kick all kinds of ass!

    • MonsterKilledThePilot


  • Kevin

    I love that he’s making it Rated R and I hope that the studios don’t make him go to PG-13

  • Brenno

    MonsterKilledThePilot……Kevin… amen to that brothers, on both counts. The level of talent involved is a sure sign for one epic movie.

  • gimpsuit

    They always WANT to make an R-rated film. This will end up PG for sure. If it has a budget over 100 mil, it’ll be PG.
    District 9 was ok though, annoying as hell, but enjoyable. Will keep on eye on this project, so far it has my blessing.

    • maddog45

      I Extremely Doubt It Will Be PG-13, District 9 Made OVER 100 MILLION IN THE US AND 200 MILLION WORLDWIDE AND WITH A BUDGET 100 MIL IT WON’T BE PG-13. IT’S Definitely GOING TO BE R ALL THE WAY 100%

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  • Cypher

    I’m with everybody else. Hope it stays Rated-R!

    • bob

      It Will.

  • JP

    Blomkamp always said he’d never do a film for over $80 M because then the studios have much more say in his films. Hopefully he worked that out with them. If I were Sony, I’d give him full control.

  • Decado

    I’d love this to be rated R, and that is probably the only way I’ll see it in theatres, but the budget definitely worries me. R-rated pics with budgets into the 9 figures are practically extinct and hollywood has proven that they’re willing to make just about *anything* PG-13.

    My only hope is that it will be written and filmed as a hard-R pic and we see that cut on DVD/BR.

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