Tony Scott to Adapt the Mark Millar Comic NEMESIS

     August 7, 2010


As far as Hollywood is concerned, Mark Millar is the comic writer of the moment.  Features based on his Kick-Ass and Wanted have turned a head or two (and inspired sequels), and Millar is even hoping to crack the directors’ guild himself.  No surprise, then, that 20th Century Fox has acquired the screen rights to Nemesis, the latest from Millar as drawn by Steve McNiven; Tony Scott is attached to direct.  In case this is your first introduction to the comic, Nemesis asks the question, “What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil?”  The answer — or at the very least, more details about the project — can be found after the break.

nemesis_mark_millar_comic_book_issue_one_coverHere’s the official comic description from Marvel:

Civil War?  Nothing.  Kick-Ass?  A warmup.  What if the smartest, toughest costumed bad ass in the world was totally evil?  Meet Nemesis.  He’s systematically been destroying the lives of every police chief in Asia, and he’s now set his sights on Washington, DC.  Between you and me, the police don’t have a chance.

Civil War was the previous comic teaming of Millar and McNiven, in which any U.S. citizen with superhuman abilities was required to register with the federal government and undergo proper training.  According to Bleeding Cool, Civil War was not “nothing,” but rather “a high point in sales for recent superhero comic books.”

Amid all the promotional lingo, that synopsis leaves me wanting, so here’s a less aggressive synopsis via Deadline:

Nemesis focuses on Matt Anderson, a billionaire genius who’s the world’s greatest fighter, bent on avenging the death of his beloved parents.  The twist is, they were villains and he is also a bad guy, a costumed vigilante who travels the world, picking off top cops.  He returns to D.C. to launch a campaign of terror against Blake Morrow, the police chief who captured the caped vigilante’s parents.

It sounds like Nemesis fall in line with the rest of Millar’s work: a simple conceit that focuses on the interaction between the traditional depiction of the comic book superhero/villain and the rules of the real world.  Could be a fun, high concept actioner.

With Scott attached, there should be an extended wait before Nemesis gets in front of cameras.  Three other film are contending to be Scott’s next project:

mark_millar_01Millar is absolutely over the moon that Scott is on board.  In the forums at Millar World, he wrote the following:

The man who shot Maverick in Top Gun, Bruce in the Last Boy Scout, yelled action for Will Smith in Enemy of the State, directed Denzel in Man on Fire (one of the finest revenge movies ever made), had Tarantino rework Hackman’s dialogue in Crimson Tide and gave me Deneuve’s naughtiest performance in The Hunger is directing our movie. Oh, AND he did True Romance, for my money the best of all the Tarantino flicks. Tony Scott: I can’t even pretend to be cool about this.

There’s plenty more gushing in the post, where Millar also mentions that a potential screenwriter wrote one of his five favorite movies of all time, then promises  the actor Scott wants for the lead will “blow your socks off.”  So check back in the coming months for all kinds of hyperbolic updates on the movie — just don’t wear your best pair of socks.

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  • Gusbabb

    looks to be a very promising movie, can't wait to see the trailer for this.

  • FallenSpider94

    this is gonna fail bad plus we all know this is gonna end up like wanted and not even follow the original storyline

  • Travman93

    I actually like the comic, so I'll check the movie out.

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  • [A] that case it was the right thing to do. WANTED (the comic) is pure vomit mixed with s**t — WANTED (the movie) is just vomit..

  • [A] you're the ONE GUY who likes the comics

  • junierizzle

    TONY SCOTT= I'm in.

  • sense11

    Fuck yea ill check it out.

  • Resistance

    I mean with Nolan spearheading the franchise now it's hard to voice any complaint's…especially so early and what not but I really was intrigued by his pitch on a Superman trilogy for WB

  • Carlos1974

    Just downloaded few issues… WOW… I can't believe how laughably bad it is. I'd ceased regulary read comics ten years ago and this POS is good example why. It's like all unoriginality, talentlessness & hack ess of the world concentrated in 22 pages. Seems Hollywood will buy any sh*t if it's in form of comics.

  • Migz

    wow.. that's kinda quick for comic book to have a movie. Nemesis is still freaking new!
    I haven' seen it yet but I know it's basically an EVIL BATMAN on the loose:P

  • Awarmington1176

    I haven't heard anything positive about this comic, besides self-promotion by Millar, and the series is still in its infancy. At least Kick-ass was getting some positive early buzz before it started its development into a film. I loved the Kick Ass film but this Nemesis stuff has me concerned. If weak comics get made into movies, before a single story arc is complete in issue form, there is a significant danger that they will result in weak movies and precipitate a comicbook movie backlash.

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  • TedSallis

    Sorry, I like it too. So there's two of us at least. In this world of completely fractured and insular demographics we represent enough of an audience to greenlight a big budget Hollywood movie. Welcome to the 21st century!

  • Capetownchick58


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