Netflix Quickly Disposes of Qwikster

     October 10, 2011


Netflix may be in a panic.  The company upset many of its customers back in July by splitting its DVD and Streaming business and charging separately for both (a backlash I thought was unwarranted).  A few weeks ago, the company tried to apologize for how they revealed the new pricing plan only to shoot themselves in the foot by announcing “Qwikster”, a re-titling of their DVD-by-mail program that didn’t win over those who were previously unhappy and irritated the loyal customers who would lose integration between their queues.  The only upside of the announcement was that Netflix would start renting video games.

Netflix has now changed course again by having CEO Reed Hastings announce on the company’s official blog that Qwikster is no more.  The company also reaffirmed their commitment to no more price changes even though they shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep.  While I won’t mourn Qwikster, I am curious to see if Netflix will still try to add video game rentals to its business.



  • Edward Lee

    Wow. I guess Reed has learned that Americans aren’t to ‘oblivious’ to developments after all. Foot-in-mouth Syndrome continues to plague almost everything the man does.

  • Jacklyn – Chicago

    Netflix’s management is shifty. And they’re bound to continue making more senseless changes. I’ve begun using “TV Devo” for better TV & Movie streaming. Redbox for DVDs.

  • Elitist Prick

    What a Shame. And I was so looking forward to making dated Internet limericks with Qwikster, Friendster and Napster.

  • Hrothgar

    I was okay with the price hike, but it should have been more gradual than the way they tried to pull it off. However, I did HATE the Qwikster idea. What would happen to my Netlix queue if they weren’t integrated? No idea. I guess I won’t have to worry about it. Man, these guys don’t know what to do next, do they?

    • jc

      I agree with this. I think people would have taken the price increases better had they integrated them slowly. But when the price of a service suddenly doubles, people are going to be frustrated. Even though the service was still affordable (much cheaper than cable), it’s the principle that gets people riled up.

      Now, they’re doing all this backpedaling and people are losing confidence in them as a company.

  • LiamH

    This certainly is incompetence, is this guy really the CEO of a billion dollar company?

    • Hrothgar

      Yes, that’s my question too. This guy seems unsure of every step he takes and the steps he’s taken aren’t very well thought out. Com on, Netlifx…pay me to do the same job and I promise I’ll consider things carefully before posting them on the blog.

      • Hiro the Eighth Samurai (and 14th Assassin)

        It just seems this CEO was too arrogant and ignorant for his own good. He thought Netflix subscribers would follow the company no matter what.

        He was probably listening SOLELY to the investors and stockholders and such. They wanted more money, so he had the subscription fees raised and streaming split off to make even more money.

        Well, hopefully this guy actually learned something out of this. He can use this experience when going for his next job.

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