Jason Alexander Does a PSA for the Netflix Relief Fund

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A couple weeks ago, I wrote an editorial chastising those who were upset at Netflix’s recent price hike.  I explained that the company needs to raise their prices in order to stay competitive and that no one owes you cheap movies nor are you obligated to stay a Netflix subscriber.  Total strangers disagreed with me in the comments section and now I have seen the error of my ways.

That’s why I’m so glad Jason Alexander has done a PSA for the Netflix Relief Fund.  I was so ignorant to think that having to pay six to ten extra dollars wasn’t the same kind of suffering endured by non-middle-class white people the world over.  So please, drink deep of this white whine and together we can refuse to pay a little more for movies where Jason Statham plays a hitman.

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  • aaron

    HEY! You leave Statham out of this… what’d he ever do to you? It’s not like he can help it.

  • CMS

    raising prices 60% and offering no new benefits or features is just a horrible way to do business. also, anyone with a computer can watch (almost) anything that has been on a dvd in dvd quality for free. silly netflix… it looks to me like they really didn’t think the price raise through. they are gonna lose a ton of subscribers.

    and Matt… you sir, are the biggest d – bag on collider. not sure if i’ve ever wasted my time in the comments section to tell you that before, but i thought you might appreciate that. that is what you’re going for right? because you are doing a great job.

    • Defendor

      Matt Goldberg is like my evil twin. The dark, cynical reflection of myself that comes out to post Collider articles and rip on the movies I want to like but yet can’t seem to. Netflix is a business and they owe you nothing. I will gladly pay more for better streaming content when, honestly, I use Netflix to watch the things I don’t have the foresight to pirate.

      CMS? Moar like PMS! Amirite matt?

    • Chris

      Literally couldn’t agree with you more, CMS. I, like many others, will revert to my pirating ways. Argh, here i come demonoid…
      And Matt definitely is the most pretentious, self-indulgent writer on here.

      • Excpired

        Even if Matt is right that they don’t “owe” us anything, he is still a douche bag with the maturity level of a 16 year old nerd.

        Customer complaints are legitimate, and when your entire customer base is up in arms then you as a company should feel like you owe your CUSTOMERS something. It is good business to make your customers happy, McDonald’s knows that, which is why they are still on top. When people cried and moaned about their food being unhealthy and fat, they didn’t say “screw off, we don’t need you anyways we are rich.” They said, “we’d better improve our menu.’

        People go to Netflix because it is the least expensive way for filmophiles to view as many movies a month as they can. If it becomes to expensive for them someone else will step up and take away Netflix’s business, and the more computer-knowledgeable will move to pirating.

        In my opinion this price-hike has a lot more to do with Netflix trying to rake in the doe before their 15 minutes of success are up than it does trying to bring new content or improve the service, or even maintain the service.

      • Goldstein

        Matt Goldberg tries SO HARD to be Devin Faraci, but lacks all of the insight.

        Find your own voice, Matt. Then maybe you’ll be taken seriously by the people you’re trying so hard to impress.

    • Chris

      You’re both d-bags. His first article was right on and this PSA is hilarious. You’re both obviously the stereotypes portrayed in this video. You’re the kind of bottom feeders that think you should get everything for free and pirate all you content anyway so of course you think that $16 is too much to pay for unlimited streaming of decent content (awesome for TV shows, OK for movies) and almost 8 movie rentals a month that are shipped to your F’n door.

      It’s very simple. If you can beat what they offer you somewhere else, then go there and stop your crying.

      • Chris

        How is DOUBLING the prices and not offering any new benefits something people should just take? THAT is ignorant (and what the hell, how does complaining about that mean you don’t care about natural disasters?). They will lose subscribers (me) because of a poor business strategy. It’s not about being spoiled and definitely not about being ignorant (again, wtf); the reason people are upset is simply because they were offered a good deal and now it’s gone. I’m not sure if other people are over-reacting but I know I’m not. Plus, Matt IS annoying; at least concede to that.

  • Saabguy85

    This is some funny shit! I still think Matt is being a dick about this, even if there are more important things in life, its still somethings that was handled badly by Netflix.

  • Elitist Prick

    Being peeved about price hikes is a bit different from the reaction to, say, the Japanese tsunami (the example used in the video). I’m pretty sure the Internet hate towards natural disasters would be rather virulent if there was some way we could get weather patterns and tectonic plates to read it.

    Yes, out of Netflix’s millions of subscribers, some people overreacted to the price increases (a few were even hyperbolic about it), but that’s what happens on the intertubez. Next.

  • M&M

    Still cancelling my subscription.

    F Netflix

  • frah

    hbo etc costs ten dollars. that’s why we cancelled hbo and got netflix–we use our one dvd thru the mail slowly but surely, pretty much use only streaming, but the thing is netflix streaming does quite match up to the new content on hbo on demand–so if this is to be a fair hike in prices then i expect to see more new movies more often (like how the fighter popped up on streaming last week, and iron man 2 the week before). either way, this is a huge betrayal by netflix and you can’t argue with that really–they gave streaming as a bonus, and now they are manipulating that bonus and not being straightforward about it (the official netflix announcement stated that netflix prices were going down as it will cost a couple box less for just dvd or just streaming (were paying ten, down to 8, but 8 plus 8 is 16) any internet movie writer should know that this is awful and that many fans are hurt and disappointed…

  • TarsTarkas

    Vocal minority whiners think they’ll make a difference. Netflix will be fine and is still a great company.

  • Shmojo

    “Video not found”

    That commercial before it worked beautifully though… funny how that happens.

  • Tarek

    I’ve never subscribed to Netflix. Very poor streaming catalog. So I’m not concerned by this bickering. ^^

  • Wayne

    Two things.

    One: This whole “article” was so fucking needlessly smarmy that I don’t even know where to begin.

    Two: My top seven movies in my NF queue currently have “long wait” attached to them. This is why NF sucks.

  • Ryan

    Who the f**k are any of you to say that ppl aren’t allowed to be pissed off about a $6-10 price hike? No, Netflix doesn’t owe anyone anything. They don’t have to molest your bank account either. When most services raise their prices its by a couple bucks at most.l (I.e. Xbox live), they don’t raise them by more than 50% in one shot. Only an obnoxious a**hole would even think its OK to tell others how they’re supposed to feel about something that affects their finances, even if it is something as silly a movie subscription.

    • Chris

      Only a cry-baby a**hole would complain in the first place. If it bothers you, cancel. If it affects them enough, they’ll change. Other than that your just demonstrating how cheap you are. It’s F**king $16. That would have got you 3 rentals at a walk in store. Go to Redbox if it hurts you so bad.

      • Excpired

        What are you living in the Stone Age Chris, movie rentals are a dollar now. You could rent 16 movies at Redbox in a month. Considering most people don’t even use the streaming, and Redbox has the most up-to-date movies available all the time I guarantee Netflix will be losing a lot of subscribers to Redbox.

        Second, if nobody complains how would Netflix know that what they did is going to lose them customers and is upsetting to their customer base? If it is not okay for a customer to complain, I guess every successful business should just take down their “complaints?” information and stop polling people for feedback. Maybe we should get rid of the BBB, and complaintsboard.com. The new motto must be the COMPANY is always right.

        These avenues for complaining MUST be illegitimate.

        I think I’ve made my point, get your head out of Netflix’s ass and look around you, the consumer is the one with the power. It isn’t the company that doesn’t owe us anything, it is us that doesn’t owe the company anything. We could survive easy without Netflix, but they couldn’t survive without us. To believe that Netflix will always be a success story is just silliness, they will only be successful as long as they provide a better service than the competition, and competition loves to take advantage of an opening, like this.

      • Ryan

        Lmao Chris, I’d like to thank you for proving my obnoxious asshole theory by attempting to launch a personal attack at me. Never once did I say that I was a Netflix subscriber or that it even personally bothered me. I simply believe that ppl have the right to complain about…well anything really. Its not up to you to tell ppl what they should or should not be bothered by. But no you go ahead and misunderstand what you’ve just read and feel free to launch another oh so intelligent mini rant at me. No seriously plz do. You have no clue how good a laugh I got from that.

    • michael


      A lot of people don’t have all the information and are making a knee jerk reactions. The netflix price increase can be related to something along the lines of the price of rubber going up drastically, and therefore increasing the price of tires.

      Yeah, sure you can complain about the price of tires. But you have to recognize that the tire companies aren’t at fault here. There’s a difference between enlightened complaining and complaining that makes someone sound like an uninformed idiot.

  • michael

    Do any of you who complain about these price hikes stay current with distribution? Do you realize that video distribution is gravitating towards on on demand streaming platform? ALL video production.

    Netflix was the first to do it well. Now, there are other companies who do it well. It’s called competition. It’s what drives companies to innovate and come up with the best product possible.

    Before, Netflix had no competition, and could charge what it wanted.

    Now, there is competition, and distributors are trying to find better offers for their video libraries.

    Stop COMPLAINING. Jesus. It’s the way business works. Either Netflix increases its pricing or jumps ship, sells itself off to google or something, and then they increase the price.

    You people are kind of dumb.

  • Andrew

    I LOVED this video. It is a perfect slap in the face to the middle to upper middle class (mostly white) Americans who use netflix.

    I think it’s hysterical people are complaining so much, and I bet most of them are 20 to 30 somethings who live in comfortable apartments and probably went to decent schools. This is a venting of steam before they open up their wallets because they can’t stand not being able to see this season of Weeds or some old 80s rom-com they can only make fun of through streaming. We are looking at the result of an entitled generation.

    Netflix and others have studied our generation long enough to know that we will complain but would never part with our precious luxuries (though I do believe there will be a spike in pirating). Because that would require too much hard work!

    • michael

      Yeah man.

      Damn middle class young white kids. I hate them. With their.. comfortable apartments… and affinity for streaming videos… their indie music… starbucks.. and their… pleasant demeanor and financial contributions to our economy.

      20 something white kids are ruining this country. I’m right with you brotha.



      Andrew, there are so many better demographics to hate on. Don’t get me started on middle to upper class families with steady jobs and children. American dream pursuing selfish pricks.

      Go raise the future American population and create jobs for your country somewhere else.

  • Stinky

    Let’s complain about people who complain about Netflix!

    I think I might complain about people who complain about people who complain about Netflix.

    Back to reality… customers have every right to complain, initially. Afterward it’s time to suck it up and pay it or quit.

    I downgraded my service. So they’ll still get some of my cash, not nearly as much. Done and done.

    I still don’t understand the vitriol against people who are steamed over Netflix raising their prices. Granted, some people bitching are just pee-pants, professional complainer, self-entitled, malcontent a-holes. Welcome to society. You’re not pointing out anything new.

    Others are just bummed that a service they really enjoy is going to be considerably more expensive, resulting in a shift in their TV/movie viewing habits. Fancy problem, I know.

    Yes, the streaming era is upon us. Studios are going to jack up the price for streaming rights and Netflix must (eventually) pass the non-savings onto us. Supply and demand. Hey, everyone with a high school education is up to date. Sweet.

    Netflix is a luxury. Any condescending notion to the contrary is ridiculous.

    Goldberg- I’d laugh along if your “editorial” didn’t come off so unnecessarily pompous. You’re a blogger for an entertainment website. Pump your brakes a little bit and climb on down from that high horse. It’s not hard to get a press pass to Comic-Con.

    Onward and upward, Netflix warriors. Fight the geek fight.

  • Seinfeld

    It’s nice to see Mr. Alexander finally getting some work after all these years.

  • Phil

    Matt Goldburg, quick question. Ever been unable to pay for entertainment? I’m not saying the price hike is a tragedy. I’m saying that your opinions are downright offensive in their assumptions. I went to college, got my fancy degree, and still make minimum wage. Through the magic of the cost of living and gas prices, I live paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford many luxuries. I can’t afford cable. I can’t afford internet on my phone. I can’t afford to go out and do many exciting things (I assume this is a foreign idea to you, judging by your opinion that those who think paying $6 extra per month is outrageous are whiners). But I would like entertainment too. It downright sucks to come home after working hard and having nothing to do. Netflix WAS my one thing I could spend on. But now I can’t really afford it. $6 is no big deal to you? Not everyone has that kind of money to throw down the drain. If I cancel Netflix, I can go to a movie store and rent 10 movies per month? Great. That gives me something to do 1/3 of the month. Thanks for assuming that everyone can toss away $6 anytime a company doesn’t want to bother thinking up another solution.

  • RickC

    The true tragedy of this video is that most entitled douchebags won’t get it, and will still feel the need to let us know that they have the right to whine about netflix’s poor business etiquette.

    Oh wait…the comments are already filled with that, so I guess it’s more of an observation than a prediction.

    You people (whites) need to stop being such a bunch of cheap, ass clowns. You make people like us (whites who aren’t cheap and entitled) look bad with your incessant victimization of every little thing that doesn’t go your way.

    Seriously…stop crying. Things could be worse. You could be literally anyone else in the world but a well-off white person.

    • Pills26

      Hear hear!

      16 bucks for unlimited film and television a month is still a bloody great deal. I’ll admit I’m a broke white upper middle class student who enjoys their museli, but people who cry out against the price hike are just being ridiculous. Just let it go, and concentrate on the real problem: having to pay $20 to see one film at a cinema. Bastards!

  • Al

    I just imagine Matt Goldberg sitting in his computer chair, like the emperor from star wars, sifting through the comments masturbating “Good. Use your aggressive feelings. Let the hate flow through you” haha. My guess is the price hike was mostly fueled by the issues between Netlfix and the internet providers(comcast, A.T &T) since instant stream is using up so much of their bandwidth that they want a cut of the action.

    • michael

      No, its that major cable networks and studios are threatening to pull their shows, or, actually pulling them in favor of other streaming platforms that offer more money.

      The supplier of Netflix’ product is demanding more money. It’s very simple.

  • Jim Hardin

    What got me seeing red was the Netflix blog post that tried to tell me that getting the same product for 60% more was the best thing that ever happened to me! Not the actual price.

    They are free to raise prices…and had they been honest about *why* I wouldn’t have cancelled my sub. But since they insisted on lying to me, I was free to not give them my business any more. I cancelled my sub because I feel they treated me like a mark that they could con out of a few more dollars a month instead of a loyal customer who used to praise them. Now? They’re assholes. And even though they’re still the best value for this product (even after the price hike) they’re not getting my business.

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  • Dictionary

    The “total strangers” thing is a weird shot. Me knowing your life story wouldn’t make your arguments any better.

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