New AVATAR Featurette Goes Heavily in Depth about the Plot; Cameron Calls Planet Pandora “Eden with Teeth and Claws”

     November 16, 2009

Avatar movie image slice.jpg

[I don’t think Avatar is going to be a film that relies heavily on twists, but if you want to go into the film knowing as little as possible, then you should stop reading this story right now.]

A new featurette for James Cameron’s just landed on Yahoo! Movies’ Taiwanese site and it takes you through the big beats of the story.  It doesn’t go in depth for any character other than the protagonist Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), but it does explain the tone of the film and how Cameron intends to mix the beauty and danger of the film’s setting, the planet Pandora.  It’s probably not going to sway any opinions on the film but it’s worth a look nonetheless.  Click here to give it a look (although you may want to use IE as your browser; I found watching it to be a tad dodgy on Firefox).

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