July 4, 2009


I’m pretty much done with 3D.  It hurts my eyes and it should hurt your eyes because it’s essentially looking at a movie cross-eyed as your eyes attempt to converge an image into a 3D illusion.  And I have yet to see a film where it was worth the eye-ache.  Other folks don’t seem to have a problem watching 3D but I find that even with the best of 3D films (“Beowulf”, “Coraline”), I’m still taking off my glasses and rubbing my eyes every twenty minutes or so.

But even with all my gripes about the technology, I have to see “The Final Destination” in 3D because I visited the set last year and I want to see how it turned out.  Producer Craig Perry was so enthusiastic about how they used 3D in outdoor environments and places where it had never been tried before (like inside a car wash) and so hopefully it will deliver, even if my eyes feel strained watching kids get destroyed. nabbed some pics of the carnage and, as expected, it looks good.  For a brief synopsis, here: A group of people dodge a catastrophic incident, death comes to find them, bad things happen.  That’s the “Final Destination” formula and I have no problem with it.

Hit the jump to see some images from the film and head over to to see the rest.  “The Final Destination” hits theatres on August 28th.



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