New LOST “Last Supper” Image May Offer Clues about the Final Season

     January 15, 2010


I hate Lost spoilers but I love Lost speculation and the “Last Supper” a new promotional images from EW offers plenty to speculate about.  The first two images didn’t seem especially rich with meaning as the first had everyone looking at Locke (Terry O’Quinn), which isn’t much since we already knew he was kind of a big deal, and then the second image just had the cast looking at us.  But this new poster may offer some big hints about what we’re going to see in season six.  Keep in mind, this is just speculation.  I know next-to-nothing about the upcoming season and I plan to keep it that way.  These are just my guesses based off the new promo image

Hit the jump to see another look at Lost‘s Last Supper and my thoughts on what the character’s poses may mean.  The final season of Lost premieres Tuesday, February 2nd, at 9/8c on ABC.


The image is pretty large so I’ve divided it up into two halves.  The first half shows Ilana looking at a character seated down the table, but it’s unclear who.  My guess would be Locke (you know, with him being important and all).  An easier pairing to read is Richard Alpert offering wine to Claire.  Will he tempt her this season or will he control her, (if he doesn’t already)?  Further down we have Sayid offering Kate a coconut cup, but her attention seems to be focused towards either Ilana or what’s happening between Alpert and Claire.  However, Sawyer is eying Sayid with suspicion all the same.  And yet Sayid isn’t even looking at Kate.  He’s looking down to the other end of the table.  Finally, we get to Jack giving a slightly-peeved look at Locke (who is looking at us with an indecipherable expression on his face).  Clearly, the “Man of Science/Man of Faith” conflict will return in season six.


Now to the second half of the image.  Jin is offering wine to Sun but she’s not looking at the cup but she looks concerned and it’s hard to tell if she’s looking at Jin or at Locke.  At the end of the table we see an interesting gathering where it seems like Lapidus has hatched some kind of plan.  While Miles and Ben look at Lapidus, Hurley seems to already be considering whatever it is Lapidus has proposed.

Of course, again, this is all speculation on my part.  But that’s one of the things that has made Lost such a fun ride.  How do you read these images?  Please give your interpretations in the comments section! [But again: NO SPOILERS.  Don’t be a dick]