New LOST Promo Set to Willie Nelson’s Cover of “Amazing Grace”

     January 21, 2010


I heard this promo for Lost premiered during the BCS a couple weeks back, but I haven’t been able to find a YouTube upload until now.  It’s a really incredible TV-spot, set to Willie Nelson’s cover of “Amazing Grace”.  It doesn’t show any new footage (of course), but it’s a minute long and sends us through some of Lost‘s most memorable moments.  There’s less than two weeks to go before the premiere of the sixth and final season of the television phenomenon and if you think I’m using that word hyperbolically, I would retort that Lost took TV genre fare to a whole new level.  It managed to weave many intricate threads, left no character completely “safe” from death, promoted diversity among an ensemble with not only African-American characters, but Arab, Hispanic, Korean, and that was just at the show’s outset.  It’s a show where even if you don’t like the story, you have to appreciate the scope of the storytelling.

Check out the promo after the jump.  The final season of Lost premieres on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9/8c on ABC.