New Music Videos from Michael Gondry…and David Lynch!?

     February 2, 2010


In the past couple of days, two highly-respected directors have taken a moment away from feature filmmaking and turned their attention to music videos, which are basically the mainstream form of short films.  The music video for Mia Doi Todd’s “Open Your Heart” is unmistakably Gondry by using special effects with no technology or visual trickery.  It’s just good, old-fashioned choreography, costuming, and editing.  Like most of Gondry’s work, the video has that nice, do-it-yourself charm that some may brush off as quirk but only if they don’t understand the effort and craft that goes into making that “quirk”.

But then there’s a music promo from David Lynch for a young artist named Ariana Delawari.  Lynch doesn’t really do music videos although that’s not really an accurate representation of this work.  This is more of a group of tiny music videos where each video is based on a brief excerpt from of each of Delwari’s songs.  Don’t expect Gondry’s production values, but it is neat to see Lynch readjust his style for each song.  And while I’ll be the first to admit my taste in music is non-existent, I really enjoyed Delwari’s tunes and it makes me want to pick up her album, Lion of Panjshir.

You can check out Gondry’s music video and Lynch’s music promo after the jump.

Here’s what Lynch had to say about Delwari’s music:

Ariana writes great songs – they are filled with feelings and thoughts from her life – her life in Hollywood and life in Afghanistan where her roots are – ancient and modern flow together here – this mixture of cultures and her melodies and lyrics conjure a great unique feeling in people – people are surprised and emotionally moved by this music – Ariana’s got something to sing about and she does it real well – it’s a beautiful debut album she’s made.


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