New PANDORUM Trailer and a Chance to Win a Trip to This Year’s Comic-Con

     May 28, 2009

pandorum_headline_thumbnail.jpgI am rooting for “Pandorum” for one reason and one reason only: Ben Foster.  I am the founder and president of that guy’s fan club and watching his lead a film is cause enough for excitement.

Unfortunately, this trailer does everything it can to try and temper that excitement by looking like a “Doom”/”Aliens” hybrid (and that’s not good since “Doom” already has heavy elements of “Aliens” already) when its hook is a sci-fi mystery and not “Let’s fight monsters on our ship.”  But even if the film is god-awful, I have no worries about Foster.  The guy is incredible in even the worst of movies like “30 Days of Night”.

In a somewhat-related note, Overture is offering a chance for you to attend the 2009 San Diego Comic Con and all you have to do is link to this page and then add “#Pandorum” to your tweet and you’ll be entered for a chance to win 4-Day Passes (which is good since they’re all sold out already), two nights hotel, and airfare plus transportation to and from the airport.  But hurry!  They’re choosing the winner tomorrow morning.  Also, since I’m mentioning Twitter, you can click one of those lovely Twitter buttons on the sidebar to follow Steve or me on Twitter.

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Check out the trailer after the jump.  “Pandorum” hits theatres.



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